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Japanese watch brands

Japanese watch brands are known for their robustness and reliability, and are at the forefront of innovation. If you choose a Japanese watch from a brand such as Seiko, Citizen, Orient or Casio, you can be sure that you will enjoy it for years to come, because Japanese watches are not only good looking, they have an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
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The rise of the Japanese watch industry

The most famous Japanese watch brands are SeikoCasioCitizen and Orient. These brands are also referred to as the "Big Four". In addition, brands such as Lorus and G-Shock are also known and loved worldwide. 
Japan has a long history when it comes to making watches. From the sixteenth century - with the arrival of Portuguese and Dutch missionaries and traders - clocks and later (pocket) watches were made.

After World War II, Japan strove to become the Switzerland of Asia and aimed to produce mechanical timepieces in an increasingly efficient and factory-based way. This is in contrast to traditional Western watch brands, where a large part of the production was still carried out on a small scale and manually. The error rate for watches from Japanese watch brands was therefore much lower and the price-quality ratio was much better.

From mechanical watches to quartz watches

Since the 1960s, Japanese watch brands have been fully committed to innovative and electronic watches for an affordable price. They were so successful that Japanese quartz watches soon conquered the world market and even threatened the Swiss watch industry.

Cheap Japanese watches

Japanese watch brands have the undeserved image of making cheap watches. The range of Japanese watches has always remained very wide. This was and is possible because Japanese watch brands have always kept their research & development in their own hands. As a result, the Japanese watch industry has succeeded in producing reliable watches at a breakneck pace for a good price. With Japanese watch brands you'll find cheap everyday watches from, for example, Lorus or Casio to more expensive dress watches from Seiko Presage and Orient Star.

Japanese luxury watches

Where Swiss watch brands pride themselves on 'manufacture' timepieces made manually in-house, the Japanese are much more modest. The luxury watch lines of the 'big four', such as the G-Shock MR-G, also contain movements developed and produced entirely in-house. 
Japanese watch brands are also proud of their history. Take, for example, the heritage models from Seiko such as the Alpinist line or the anniversary editions from G-Shock. In addition, Japanese watches are usually very innovative and technologically advanced. For example, the professional diving watches from Citizen Promaster or the GPS watches from Seiko Astron.

Japanese watches for men

Japanese men's watches are innovative, strong and reliable. If you like cool digital watches, then G-Shock is your brand. If you are looking for a classic diving watch, then the Orient Mako line is really something for you. Or do you want a lightweight watch? Then we recommend the Citizen SuperTitanium line.

Japanese watches for women

Japanese watch brands usually have a special collection of ladies watches. For example, the Baby-G line from G-Shock or the eco-friendly ladies watches from Citizen L. One thing is certain: ladies watches from Japanese watch brands are of high quality and available in all price ranges and styles.

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