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G Shock Mens watches

Rugged, sturdy and vigorous, a G-Shock Men's Watch is an attractive accessory for sporty men who want to go for a powerful watch. The subcollection Master of G, an example of this is that G-Shock watches continue to operate even in the most unusual situations. Digital G-Shock retro watches have a minimalist design. We also have G-Shock Ladies watches in the collection.

156 watches

Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

About G -Shock men’s Watches

G-Shock men’s watches are rugged watches with a powerful look. G-Shock has an extensive collection of G-Shock men’s watches in different categories for different purposes, such as the G-Shock Mudmaster or G-Shock Gulfmaster.
G-Shock watches are resistant to the most extreme situations and shocks, all of the watches are 20 ATM water resistant. AG- Shock men's watch can almost be called unbreakable. Equipped with various features such as an altimeter, thermometer, and compass is what makes a G-Shock men's watch a real gadget for any sportsman.

Our collection of G-Shock Men’s Watches

Our collection of G-Shock men’s watches consists of over 170 watches each with its own features. Therefore, it is paramount to read the specifications carefully before you choose a G -Shock men's watch.
G-Shock men’s watches are large. They start with a case diameter of about 42 millimetres. This also rises to a case diameter of about 56 millimetres. With a G-Shock watch, you will stand out!
The collection of G-Shock men’s watches can be divided into several sub-lines:

G-Shock Style / G-Shock Classic watches

This collection consists of all the classics, but also G-Shock men’s watches with the latest trends. There are, for example, G-Shock digital watches with a digital display and square shape.
The other G- Shock watches have different colours and prints such as camouflage print or denim print. The colour palette of G -Shock is also very versatile; blue, red, black, white, green, yellow, gold, orange and so on. This extensive collection offers a broad range of choice for every man.

G-Shock Master of G Watches

Master of G watches are innovative watches with the most advanced technologies such as radio-controlled watches and watches that operate on solar energy. Also, these watches are like all G-Shock watches, resistant to the most extreme conditions and circumstances. So if you, for example, go hiking through the jungle or climbing, a G -Shock Master of G men's watch is the perfect companion.
The Mudmaster, Gulfmaster, and Gravitymaster are the famous series from the Master of G collection. Each with its very own character and unique features. The Mudmaster is for example extremely well protected from mud, dirt and sand, the Gulfmaster is very suitable for out at sea, and the Gravitymaster is a pilot’s best friend.

Tough Solar G- Shock watches

Solar energy recharges the Tough Solar G-Shock men's watches. A significant advantage is that the battery will never need to be replaced. You don’t have to be in the full sun, even if there is very a feeble light, this will still be converted into energy.

Buy a G-Shock Men's watches online

You can buy a G-Shock men’s watch easily and secure with us online. Look closely at the specifications of the watch to know what features it has to offer. Also, use the search filter on the side of this page to make your choice. For example, filter by price, colour, size or movement and within no time, you will find your perfect G-Shock men’s watch.