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Swarovski watches

Swarovski watches

Daniel Swarovski was an Austrian glass worker and jeweller that - in 1892 - filed a patent on an electronic cutting machine for the production of crystal jewellery. The Swarovski Crystal quickly became famous for its extravagant crystal designs. The crystals are today used in decorative objects, jewellery, and watches. The Swarovski watch collection is entirely Swiss Made.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
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History of Swarovski

Swarovski has been world widely loved by millions of people over more than hundred years. The Austrian brand is well-known for her luxe, elegant and shiny jewelry, figurines and watches. Gladly, you’re at the right address for the last one.

Swarovski was founded in 1865 in Wattens, Austria by Daniel Swarovski. This driven jeweler, had a cutting machine that cut crystal more precisely than by hand. His vision to create a diamond for everyone, his pioneering spirit and his glass-cutting innovations helped make Swarovski a luxury and affordable brand today.

If you think of Swarovski, you of course think of an elegant swan. This logo was designed in 1989 by Swarovski and has been used ever since for all the jewelry and watches of the brand. Swarovski also produces crystals for other watch brands that get cut as diamonds, the crystals are being used in all sorts of products including jewelry and watches.

Swarovski Ambassadors

Swarovski has a huge attraction and that is why there are a lot of ambassadors who wait in line to become the next face of this special brand. A historical collaboration is definitely the one with Marilyn Monroe. During her serenade for President John F Kennedy’s birthday, Marilyn wore a dress that solely consisted of Swarovski crystals. Swarovski has been a regular guest at the great spectacle the Victoria Secret Show. Madonna has been using Swarovski crystals for her tour-outfits for years now. More than 5.3 million Swarovski crystals have been used as a recurring ingredient in her outfits so far.

Swiss Made

Swarovski watches bring together the best of two worlds: the refined precision of Swiss watchmaking and the dazzling crystals from Daniel Swarovski. Our Swarovski ladies watch collection breathes luxury and glamour with the occasional tongue-in-cheek detail with unusual case shapes or colours.

Swiss Made means that at least 60% of the watch was made in Switzerland. A quality feature that still has a lot of prestige.

Our Swarovski ladies watch collection

The Swarovski ladies' watch collection can be broadly classified into three types of watches, namely: daily wear watches with a touch of chic in the Daytime and City lines. Glamour watches with maximum brilliance in the Crystalline and Cosmic Rock lines and elegant small cocktail watches (for example in the Alia line) that look like jewelry. The beautiful crystal Swarovski watches are a jewel in itself, and can be combined with other jewelery.