Ice Watch watches

Ice Watch watches

ICE-Watch is one of the leading watch brands in the world and has become a worldwide success since 2007. These fashionable and colourful watches from Belgium are recognisable with just one glance. ICE-Mini watches for children, along with stylish ICE-City watches and fashionable watches with bright prints. ICE-Watch has it all!
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253 watches
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The history of ICE-Watch

The history of ICE-Watch does not go back hundreds of years, but it started quite recently. In 2006, Jean-Pierre Lutgen started the ICE-Watch brand in Bastogne, Belgium. A year later, in 2007, ICE-Watch watches came onto the market.

Before Jean-Pierre Lutgen started ICE-Watch, he worked for a company that manufactured promotional items. It was here that he came in contact with the so-called silicone bracelets. These straps inspired Lutgen to develop affordable, colourful watches with plastic straps. One thing led to another, and the history of ICE-Watch began.

After a long journey through Asia with the entire team, Jean-Pierre developed the ICE-Watch concept further. It all started with the idea of a watch which had to be stylish, yet affordable and available in 10 different colours with matching packaging. The name ICE-Watch was chosen because the values of the watch are very similar to those of ice: transparent and pure.

ICE-Watch quickly grew into a global brand and is currently available in more than 85 countries worldwide!

The motto of ICE-Watch is ‘Change. You can.’ In this way, they emphasise the power of the brand: Which are always available in multiple colours and usually in different sizes.

Our Collection of ICE-Watch Watches

We have an extensive collection of ICE-Watch watches for both men, women, and children. Our main collection is split into three different lines: the ICE-Watch ICE collection, the ICE-Watch City collection, and the ICE-Watch Sili Collection. Within these lines, there are also some subcategories, such as ICE-Flower, ICE-Skull, ICE-Vintage and ICE-Sporty.

You can choose between many different sized ICE-Watch watches, so you will always have a watch that will perfectly fit the size of your wrist.

ICE-Watch Ladies Watches

These luxurious, yet sporty watches are characterised by the stunning colours and prints. These watches will never become dull! Are you a lover of pastel shades, floral prints, sturdy models with skull prints or maybe something vintage? ICE-Watch leaves this choice to the fashion-conscious woman who loves to create her own style.

ICE-Watch Men’s Watches

This collection of ICE-Watch watches consists of sturdy, sporty watches in both stunning and cool colours. The ICE-Watch watches are suitable for everyday use or during exercise.

ICE-Watch Children’s Watches

ICE-Watch also has a watch collection for children, such as the ICE-Mini collection. Adult, but with a playful fun twist. These watches are also available in a wide variety of bright colours so that the children are always able to choose their favourite.

ICE-Watch Collaborations

ICE-Watch has several partnerships with world artists such as Katy Perry, the Black Eyed Peas, Jason Derulo and DJ David Guetta. In collaboration with David Guetta the watch line F ** k me I'm famous! was released. Through these collaborations, the popularity and reputation of the ICE-Watch brand has increased very fast. ICE-Watch has also collaborated with the German car manufacturer BMW.

Axelle Despiegelaere - The fresh new face of ICE-Watch

The Flemish Axelle was supporting the Red Devils during the World Cup in 2014. Not knowing that she would be so big in the news with her stunning appearance and that this would develop into a collaboration with ICE-Watch. The 17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere became the fresh new face for the watch brand.

Buy ICE-Watch Watches Online

ICE-Watch watches are easy to order online. Use the filters on the left-hand side of this page to refine your search and search for a target, price, colour or subcategory. official dealer Ice-Watch watches is an official dealer of Ice-Watch watches, therefore it only sells the original Ice-Watch watches, with full warranty from the watch brand itself. All Ice-Watch watches on are in stock. The watch that you placed an order on will be shipped on work days.