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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

On this website, we make use of cookies. A cookie is a simple, small text file that is transferred to pages on this website and is stored by your browser on your device's hard drive (computer or mobile device). The information stored can be returned to our servers (or those of the third parties concerned) on a subsequent visit. For example, on return visits, the website knows, for example, the difference between new and returning visitors, what products you have in your shopping cart or a customised website experience can be offered.

Third party cookies
Among other things, we use features from Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, Visual Website Optimizer (Wingify), Hotjar and Google. These third parties place cookies through our website on your device.


Holland Watch Group uses the following cookies:



Bing Ads


Facebook Connect

Social widgets

Facebook Custom Audience


Google Ajax Search Api

Widgets, search

Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

Widgets, Tag manager


Page analytics

Visual Website Optimizer

Baken, A/B testing

GA Audiences


Google Adwords



Partnersites (affiliates)


By using cookies, Holland Watch Group (from now on referred to as HWG) can see, for example, what products you've watched in our online store and which ads you have clicked. We can also reward our partner sites (affiliates) for the contribution to the sale based on cookies. With this information, we can even show you what you may be interested in. The banners and other items on the website can give you a personal experience based on cookies and customise the website for you. Also, cookies make sure that the website can remember what you've placed in the shopping cart if you re-visit our website after a few days.


What to do if you do not want cookies

Of course, we offer you the ability not to allow cookies to be placed from the start. You can also block cookies and delete already installed cookies in your browser settings. Also, you have the right to ask for access, correction, restriction and removal of your data. Contact us at info@hwg.nl.

If you want to know more about what information we may collect about you and how we process and save this information, please read our Privacy Policy.


If you do not accept or disable HWG cookies, the following will change on our website:

- Your own settings are no longer remembered (passwords, filter options, shopping cart contents, etc.);

- You will continue to see our ads, but we will not be able to tailor them to your personal interests;

- The website may not work as well or certain components will no longer work.