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Tw Steel watches

TW-Steel watches are not just watches, they are statements. This Dutch brand has been different from others since it was founded in 2005. Large in size, vision and style. And always on the move. Always looking for new roads. That is why TW-Steel regularly cooperates with famous drivers, athletes and artists and launches desirable special editions of well-known TW Steel watches.

Popular search terms: Canteen, Ladies, Mens, Volante en ace.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
TW Steel’s story began when the young Jordy Cobelens became intrigued by the way his father Ton Cobelens earned his money; as a distributor for watch brand Raymond Weil. At the time, father Cobelens worked as a watch designer for leading airlines, and he also worked as a sales distributor for the Swatch Group. After a few years, he decided to start his watch brand. Like a dream team consisting of father and son, Ton and Jordy worked together on selling the very first TW Steel watches. Jordy sold the watches to his friends and Ton to the parents of those friends.
To work on his entrepreneur skills, Jordy spent a year in Germany. In 2005 the end product the TW Steel (The Watch in Steel) idea was born: large oversized watches that look like they cost a fortune, with sizes starting at 37 mm up to 50 mm. It was a huge success. 
Time doesn’t rest, and neither does TW Steel. In August 2015 the Dutch watch brand was celebrating its 10th anniversary. In this relatively short period TW Steel managed to become the ‘biggest in oversized watches’, and even celebrities like Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland and Ciara and motorsport legends are regularly seen with a TW Steel watch on their wrist. 
TW Steel offers an intelligent mix of design, innovation and quality. The watches have a large, eye-catching design which allows you to make a statement. There’s an art to being bold with style; it takes confidence. You radiate power and ambition, and your TW Steel watch underlines this.

Our TW Steel Collection

The TW Steel collection consists of different lines: Canteen, Pilot, Slim Line, Grandeur, CEO and Specials.  

TW Steel Canteen Watches

The design of the classic TW Steel Canteen watch is based on the archetypical Field Canteen bottle. The sturdy round steel casing, the hinged crown protector and sturdy leather strap with metal studs and bold stitching make this a durable, well readable watch for use at home and outdoors.

TW Steel Pilot Watches

The TW Steel Pilot series is an extensive collection of classic sports watches with clear, legible numbers and a printed inner bezel. The crown is protected in the watch case. All Pilots are fitted with a sturdy stitched leather strap with metal studs.

TW Steel Slime Line Watches

The TW Steel Slim Line is purposefully designed to wear with more formal or business style clothing. Thinner and more streamlined than other TW Steel watches with elegant hands and indexes these Slim Line watches have a retro look.

TW Steel Grandeur Watches 

The TW Steel Grandeur series consists of an extensive collection of advanced chronographs. The mix of style with industrial looks makes this one of the most striking series TW Steel watches. The watches are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a unique case design in which the ring and case back are connected to each other with screw pillars.

TW Steel CEO Watches

The TW Steel CEO Collection provides high-quality versions of existing models of TW Steel. The watches features thicker mineral glass and Italian leather straps. These CEO watches are presented in an elegant box which you typically only see with the high-end watch brands.

TW Steel Watches 

The TW Steel Specials collection is a mixed collection of special - often limited - editions by TW Steel watches, that have been developed in collaboration with its brand ambassadors from the world of (motor) sports, film and music.