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Fossil watches

Fossil watches

Fossil - one of the most modern watch brands in the world because of its innovative production processes, creativity and a good sense of humour. It is a brand that stands for high quality watches and fresh models at affordable prices, both for men and women. From stylish to casual and from elegant to sporty, the wide and diverse range ensures that there is a piece guaranteed to complete your outfit.

Popular search terms: Ladies en Gents.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Fossil: Made For This 

In 2023, Fossil launched a new campaign called 'Made for this'. This campaign emphasizes the 40-year history of the brand and the relationship that Fossil has built up with its customers during those years. While you experience moments big and small, Fossil is your companion with conscious attention to design, integration of high-quality materials and familiar, distinctive design elements. 

Vintage Americana 

Fossil's most characteristic design element is tongue in cheek ‘Vintage Americana’. A unique mix of shapes, colours and materials that are etched in our collective memory through ads, films and music. This is reflected in original colour combinations, the use of weathered leather for the straps, as well as surprising case shapes and funny variations on the traditional watch such as ring watches. 

Our collection of Fossil watches for men and women 

Fossil's watch collection consists of both ladies' and gents' watches. The choice is enormous. Whether you are looking for an analogue or digital watch, a sporty or elegant model - we bet that there is a watch that perfectly suits your needs.

In addition, all Fossil watches come in a characteristic tin box that changes seasonally. These boxes have now become almost as popular as the watches packaged in them and are even collected worldwide. 

Fossil watch straps

Are you still satisfied with your old Fossil watch, but would you like to give it a different look? Then check the Fossil watch straps page for new straps and bracelets that match your watch.