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The pocket watch has a long history. In the past, it was seen as a status symbol or used for specific professions. Most men wore only pocket watches before the 20th century, since wristwatches were mainly seen as a piece of jewelry for women. Only after the First World War, the wristwatch gained popularity. Nowadays, pocket watches are mainly worn as an eye-catcher or gifted as special presents. 

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Pocket watches are a perfect eye-catcher accompanied by your suit. The striking chain and often beautifully designed dial really complete your festive or formal outfit. A lot of people think that the pocket watch is the predecessor of the wristwatch, but this is not entirely true. The wristwatch already existed before the 20th century but was mainly seen as a piece of jewelry for women. Men always wore a pocket watch with their suit. In this case, the watch was, together with the chain, also a kind of accessory/jewelry.


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There are many different types of pocket watches. The hunter-case pocket watches have a closed lid. These lids are often beautifully decorated and may contain a brand name or inscription. Then there is the open-face, the pocket watch without a lid. These often have a beautiful dial that catches the eye. And finally, there are the demi-hunters, the pocket watches with a transparent lid. In this case, the dial is presented at its best through the case, with only a part of the lid being transparent for an additional visual effect. Tissot currently has a large collection of luxury pocket watches, each with its own style and character. Festina offers more accessible models.


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Once you choose to buy a pocket watch, the next question is - what type of pocket watch should I go for? At you can find pocket watches for both women and men, including a pocket watch with chain, gold and silver pocket watches and the somewhat antique-looking pocket watches. In addition, our collection consists of pocket watches in different price ranges, so for every budget there's a suitable specimen to be found. Whether you prefer a more expensive Tissot watch or an affordable Festina model, we're sure you'll enjoy it for years. is the online specialist in brand watches, where service and expertise are paramount. Need advice? Our customer service representatives are waiting for your call or email.