Adidas watches

Adidas watches are characterized by the colorful plastic cases and the use of the classic Adidas logo. The Fashion Sport collection, is super trendy and practical. The nineteen eighties retro style Digital Sport watches with modern LCD display and sporty chronographs are an essential part of the fashionable wardrobe. Adidas Performance watches are top of the range watches for maximum sports performance.

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Adidas: since 1924

Adidas is originally a German brand, which was founded in 1924 by the brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler, as "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik". Rudolf left the company in 1948 and started Puma, leaving his brother Adi with the famous brand with three stripes. Adidas has developed through the decades as a world brand that produces more than just shoes: besides outdoor clothing, balls and other sports accessories, Adidas also makes watches.

Adidas the famous triple stripe has become a fashion statement for everyone ranging from musicians to models. Celebrities such as Rita Ora and Beyoncé are regularly spotted in an Adidas outfit and also designers like Pharrell Williams and Stella McCartney have their fashion collection in collaboration with Adidas. This makes Adidas watches not only sporty, practical and comfortable, but they also follow the latest fashion trends.

Our Adidas watch collection

The Adidas watch collection at consists of three lines: Adidas Sports Fashion, Adidas Digital Sport and Adidas Performance. Together these lines form a versatile collection with a trendy casual sporty design.

Adidas Performance watches 

For over 65 years, Adidas Performance stands for fashionable sportswear and accessories, produced for faster, stronger and better sports performance. With A chronograph function, 10 -lap memory, 5 ATM water resistance, two alarms and a sophisticated appearance, Adidas Performance watches prove that a stylish design and a maximum sports performance are compatible. The watches are not only convenient to use but also comfortable to wear and durable. Adidas Performance is the ideal watch collection for the fashion conscious athlete.

Adidas Fashion Sport Watches

Adidas Fashion Sport is a versatile watch collection with a trendy design. In the collection, you will find colourful ladies, gents and tough teen watches, but also casual-chic stainless steel watches with a leather strap. A characteristic of the collection is the three-leaf logo which has been processed in different ways.

Adidas Digital Sport Watches

Adidas Digital Sport is a collection of sporty chronographs with a modern LCD display. An Adidas watch is an asset; not only in the gym but also in your everyday wardrobe.

Adidas watches online

Adidas is a trendy and above all versatile watch brand with a collection of over 60 different watches. To help you choose, we have divided our collection of Adidas watches into categories. Use the blue buttons to navigate through the categories. Or use the filter options on this page to select your favourite Adidas watch.