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The Lifestyle brand Skagen celebrates Denmark and the seaside village of Skagen, where the North and Baltic Sea meet. With clean lines and supple materials Skagen watches are inspired by the contours of the famous coastline in Skagen
Skagen watches are designed on the principle that a good design for a resonable price should be possible. Skagen watches feature all the Danish design characteristics: simplicity, elegance and purity.
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The history of Skagen Watches

The first Skagen watch collection was launched in the early nineties as promotional gifts. These Skagen watches, were so successful that regular sales followed fairly quickly.
The Skagen brand was founded in 1898 and is part of Fossil Group inc. For this well-known and popular lifestyle brand authenticity and quality come first. Skagen also represents these values: functionality and quality caught in the sober but elegant Danish Design.

Skagen in Denmark
The brand is named after a small seaside town with 9000 inhabitants, in the extreme Northern tip of Denmark. A special place where the light is constantly changing and the landscape with 'walking' dunes is shaped by the elements. This place has been very popular with artists and designers since the nineteenth century who were looking for inspiration.

It is also the place where two oceans merge: the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. This phenomenon is depicted in the logo of Skagen watches by converging triangles.

Skagen design principles

Like the group of artists from the late nineteenth century known as the Skagen Painters, the Skagen designers also draw from these same rich source of ideas. They are inspired by the fascinating landscape and nature around Skagen: the colours and shapes of stones on the beach, patterns in the sand, weathered wooden houses. They find the simplicity and restrained use of colour which has characterized Danish design for years.

Also conviviality and well-being - hygge in Danish - is important. The feeling of connection with other people and the environment in which you live are key values of what the Skagen brand stands for.

Caring for people and the environment

The connection with people and the environment is not only reflected in the design of Skagen watches. The business and production process also takes into account the environment and human rights. The company strives to ensure that human rights is respected for all workers - including the suppliers - and also stands for safe, fair and non-discriminatory working conditions.

When developing new products the carbon footprint of the company is taken into account, but also for existing products Skagen is always trying to improve the production processes to be the most environmentally friendly.

The Skagen Watch Collection

Our Skagen watch collection consists of more than 130 women's and men's watches all of which stand for high quality, elegance and affordable luxury. Skagen respects the core values of modern Danish design and this is reflected on all the watch designs.

Skagen watches are relatively thin and lightweight, making the watches not only stylish, but also very comfortable to wear.

Order Skagen watches online

Use the search filters on this page to find the perfect Skagen watch. You can search various things by size, colour and price. official dealer Skagen watches is an official dealer of Skagen watches, therefore it only sells the original Skagen watches, with full warranty from the watch brand itself. All Skagen watches on are in stock. The watch that you placed an order on will be shipped on work days.