Bering watches

Bering watches

Bering is a Danish watch brand, inspired by the timeless beauty of the arctic landscape. With minimalist design and super slim watch cases, Bering watches are the ideal accessory for men and women who enjoy clear, streamlined shapes and pure elegance.

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A familiar name

Bering was founded after entrepreneur and adventurer René Kaerskov did a parachute jump over the North Pole in 2008. He was so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the arctic, that upon his return he – and his business partners – took the inspiration for their new watch brand from the icy landscapes: minimalistic, high-quality materials and a harmonious design.


Exactly 280 years before Kaerskov made his jump, Danish sailor Vitus Bering as the first European discovered Alaska. Not only are the waters between Russia and Alaska named after him, but also the the time zone they are in: Bering time. A fitting tribute then to the man, naming this new watch brand after him.


The Bering watch collection

Bering is best known for their line of slim line watches which they rightly so call their classics. But as an innovative watch brand they keep exploring new designs and materials to produce the most elegant, sleek and comfortably wearing watches they can make. In all designs the Bering designers strive to use the best materials – such as sapphire crystals - to create a great looking and durable product . For example a lightweight titanium collection and a high-end ceramic line are part of the Bering watch catalogue.


Collaboration with designer Max René

Former Jacob Jensen collaborator Max René is a prize winning Danish watch designer who has designed a special collection for Bering. These ultra slim watches that bear his name have instantly interchangeable straps with a simple sliding mechanism.


Shop Bering watches online; fast delivery

Order before 17.00 pm with DHL-Express and your watch will be delivered the next business day! You can also have your watch delivered at a pick-up point of your choosing. Shipping is free on orders over € 50.