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Smart Watches are very popular, and we know why... With these stylish designer watches, you don't only get a basic watch but also the possibility to control your email, SMS messages, social media and much more from your wrist. Even calling is possible! At the moment we have more than 30 smart watches available with different price ranges available from brands like Swatch, Timex, Kenneth Cole, Guess and Casio and we will be adding more soon! We carefully follow the development of smart watches as more and more brands add one or more smartwatches to their collection. Keep an eye on our blog / news section for updates and reviews of the latest trends on smart watches.

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What is a smartwatch?

A  smartwatch, generally speaking, is a multipurpose computerized wristwatch with functionalities that are enhanced beyond timekeeping. With a smartwatch a user can have access to multiple functionalities and apps. Smartwatches are designed to, either on their own or when paired with a smartphone (usually via Bluetooth), provide features such as mobile apps, checking caller ID, text and social media alerts, accessing stock and weather reports, fitness monitoring, GPS coordinates, etc. 

Smartwatches are usually not designed to be cell phone replacements, as they're meant to provide alerts for messages and missed calls, but some have integrated cell phone functionalities. Biometric and health monitoring functions however bring added value to these watches compared to the smartphone.


How do I choose my smartwatch?

The following steps will help you make a good choice.

1. What features are important to you?

Are you an active person? Are you looking for a super sophisticated model or you're already satisfied with a limited number of functions?

In our range of smartwatches we include three different categories.

Full SmartWatch: A smartwatch with a lot of functions that can basically replace your smartphone. With this type of smartwatch it is possible to control your phone calls, emails, text messages, calendar, mailbox and much more. It is even possible to receive and make calls without the need of another device.

Semi SmartWatch: A connection to a smartphone is necessary so certain information can be exchanged. These smartwatches are well suited for a specific purpose, such as sports with features like a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, GPS and sleep rhythm analysers.

Watches with smart features: This type of watch connects with your phone through WiFi. With this type of watch you have access to a limited number of phone features. The smartwatch often has a smartphone finder, distance meter, speedometer and pedometer.

2. Important: Always check beforehand whether your smartphone operating system is supported!

Not all smartwatches and smartphones are compatible!

Questions about a smartwatch?

Please contact our product specialists at 31 85 4892010 or visit one of our shops.