G Shock watches

G Shock watches

G-Shock is one of the today's must have watch brands. Every urban artist and star own at least one G-Shock! Casio started the brand in the nineteen eighties gathering fans like the hip hop formation RUN-DMC. Today the brand is still loved by musicians, athletes, the military and law enforcement alike for its extreme looks, shock resistance, reliability, and functionality. The brand regularly launches new lines and models keeping their G-Shock watches up to date and fashionable.
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G-SHOCK watches; shock proof, water resistant and unique

Crazy about digital watches? Are you a real water sports fanatic? Or just someone with a penchant for fashionable watches? Then G-Shock is the perfect brand for you. All G-shock watches are extremely shock resistant, waterproof and available in different styles with more than twenty stylish colours and designs to choose from.

G-Shock history

At one time it was commonly believed that watches were delicate items, G-Shock's research team accepted the challenge to create an indestructible watch. After a long, complicated process of trial and error, with over 200 prototypes and two years of structural development, G-Shock was launched. A revolutionary shock resistant structure was realised through out-of-the-box thinking. Since its inception, G-Shock watches have continued to evolve, carrying on the uncompromising passion of its developers.

G-Shock Features

The G-Shock design concept for protection from shocks is basic for every G-Shock design, and the same protective structure is applied not only for urethane cases but also for Casio’s metal and analogue watch cases. These and other shock-resistant technologies, exclusive to G-Shock, are used to raise toughness to the highest levels:

Cases designed to protect against free-fall shocks

A prominent bezel configuration prevents the buttons and glass from contacting flat surfaces, thus protecting them from shocks when falling.

Urethane strap that acts as a shock absorber and Shock-resistant bracelet that prevents drop shocks

The urethane strap acts as a shock absorber, protecting against shocks from behind.
The metal bracelet protects against shocks by applying wide intervals at the connection points between the links and has a flexible 150-degree range of movement.

Hollow structure

The case employs a hollow structure in which the movement is placed. The module is supported inside the case at just a few points, creating a situation as if the module were floating in the air.

Cushioning material

The crystal oscillator and other important parts inside the watch are individually protected with a cushioning material.

Our G-Shock watch collection

G-Shock Style

G-Shock Style is the basic G-Shock watch collection of analogue/digital watches for both men and women. With elegant colour combinations, vintage styles, metallic coatings and camouflage patterns. There is a G-Shock watch available for anyone who likes technologically advanced watches that will last you a lifetime!

Master of G and Gravity Master

The G-Shock Master of G/ Gravity Master range is a collection of advanced ana/digi tool watches with functionalities ranging from a compass to tide tables, chronographs and storm alarm for professional pilots, sailors and everyone who enjoys an outdoor lifestyle.

Tough Solar

Casio’s patented Tough Solar technology is integrated into these smart classic G-shocks.


The Baby-G watch series is aimed at women and teenagers. Being a smaller size than the regular G-Shock watches with colourful cases and a more ornate design, Baby-G watches are suitable for anyone with a petite wrist who wants to enjoy the G-Shock quality and design.

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