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G-Shock watches

G Shock Baby G watches

The G-Shock Baby-G is the most fashionable range from the G-Shock collection. These slightly smaller G-Shocks, ranging in size from 36 – 46 mm diameter, come in bright colours and patterns. Casio designed this range of Baby-G G-Shocks especially for women and teenagers, but the watches are also suitable for men who prefer a smaller watch with all the G-Shock functionalities.

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Our G-Shock Baby-G Watch Collection

G-Shock Baby-G collection consists of stylish, colourful watches that perfectly blend with the urban street style. With standard G-Shock features such as LED lighting, shock resistance, world timer, stopwatch, second-time-zone, water resistance, automatic calendar and much, much more, a Baby-G is not only the perfect smaller G-Shock but also a fashionable accessory.
Our range of Baby-G watches can be roughly divided into the following series:

Standard analog-digital Baby-G watches (BA-110, BA-111 & BA-112 series)

The largest series of Baby-G watches is the BA-110 series. The classic analog-digital (ana-digi) G-Shock is a smaller size of 43.4 mm diameter. The watch contains all of the basic G-Shock functionalities such as 10 ATM water resistance, LED lighting and shock resistance. These Baby-G watches come in a myriad of colours and patterns such as denim, camouflage, flowers, etc.

Standard Digital Baby-G watches (BG-5600 series)

Casio is famed for their digital watches, and the traditional standard digital Baby-G watches come from this long tradition of affordable quality. The Baby-G digital watches are bright and colourful, aimed at contemporary women and teens who enjoy retro style with a modern twist.

Street Uniform Style Baby-G (BGA-210 Series)

The Baby-G Street Uniform Style is a series of stylish dual-time G-Shock watches. Both the primary and secondary time displays are analogue, but the watch also includes a digital display which can show both time zones.
The design of the watch is based on American sports jerseys with large numbers at the 12 and 6 ‘o clock positions. A lightweight aluminium bezel adds a contrasting colour and material to the resin case and strap.

G-Lide Surf Girl watches (BGA-180 & BGD-180 series)

The G-Lide Surf Girl watches have been specially designed for surfers and contain the all important tide graphs. Extra features such as 10 ATM water resistance and a protective resin bar across the lugs for extra protection against impact.

Travel Girl Baby-G with world timer (BA-120 & BGA-190 series)

The series of Travel Girl Baby-G watches was produced for people who travel a lot. The watch contains two analogue time displays; the smaller one features an aeroplane shaped hour hand. An extra digital display can switch between time zones. The design of the watch is unique, with a world relief map on the dial, or in the case of the superb BGA-190GL-2BER a view of the world from space.

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This is just a small assortment of our entire G-Shock collection. If would you prefer a larger watch or a G-Shock with specific functionalities, check out our G-Shock Classic or G-Shock Master of G collections.