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Looking for a new watch strap? Follow these simple steps and find the watch strap you are looking for!

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Change watch straps

Bought a new watch strap? Have a look at this page to see how you easily can change this!

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Adjust watch straps

Do you want to adjust your metal bracelet watch strap? Take advantage of our free adjustment service! Have a look on this page and see how this works!

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Imagine. You already own your perfect watch for a while, but due to wearing your watch strap needs to be replaced. Or maybe you prefer a metal watch strap instead of a leather one? Nowadays it is very simple to turn your old watch into a new looking watch within minutes - by purchasing a new band. And thanks to the innovative click systems you can now change them very quickly and easily yourself.

Wide choice of watch straps

Do you prefer a watch strap with a total different look, or rather the old familiar version? At you have a wide choice of original straps. With more than 35,000 items in stock, the chances are that there is one that fits your watch ánd your needs. For example, in our watch strap collection you will find different brands such as Daniel Wellington, FossilSeiko and Tissot.

We also offer universal watch straps. Please be aware of the fact that a universal strap only fits on a watch with a 'straight strap mount'. This type of strap can be recognized by the end of the strap (straight) or the way the strap is mounted on the case (with some space in between) - see the pictures below. When the watch has a straight strap mount, you can find the perfect strap based on the lug width (see image below). In case of no straight strap mount, we recommend you to pick a watch strap from the brand itself.

Straight strap mount
Straight strap mount
No straight strap mount
No straight strap mount
Lug width
Lug width

We help you find and replace your perfect watch strap

Are you already starting to feel dizzy? No panic, we are here to help you. Follow the steps in our strap finder and find your perfect watch strap very easily. Are you afraid that replacing your strap is not your cup of tea? On this page, we guide you through the process step by step.