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Meistersinger watches

The founder of Meistersinger watches, Manfred Brassler, wanted to make top quality watches in their purest form. Just one hour hand, that's all a watch needs, he says. At first you think this is not possible. Brassler got it done; By designing the Meistersinger dial in a certain way, he made a watch with only one hand that works and looks fantastic.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Meistersinger watches: German design, Swiss made

Not many people know is the Meistersinger brand is 100% German, but the watches are 100% Swiss made. The design department and the sales department are located in Münster Germany, but the factory is located in Switzerland. 
The first Meistersinger watches were quartz watches, but the current collection of Meistersinger mainly consists of automatic and manual winding watches. The amount of time the manufacturer spends detailing the watches is huge; The dials are very accurate with lots of small details. Sun-brushed dials, striped dials, raised indices. Everything to make a Meistersinger special. For example, the Pangea and Perigraph watches are marvels of technology! An eye for detail in the movement, case and dial. That's what makes a Meistersinger so special.

Meistersinger watches for men

Meistersinger gent's watches have a size of 40 mm or larger and are available in the classic Meistersinger design of the Neo, No1 and No3 series and with various advanced functionalities of, for example, the Lunascope (moon phase) or Bell Hora (hourly signal).

Meistersinger watches for women

Meistersinger ladies watches have a size of 36 and 38 mm and are available with different coloured dials and straps from several series such as the Neo and Metris.

History of single-hand watches

Watches or rather clocks with one hand are the basis of the time display. The very first "clock-watching machine" was the sundial, which had only one hand. The oldest known sundial is about 3500 years old. The first mechanical clock was invented in China in the 8th century. The first European mechanical clock dates back to the 12th century. These European clocks also used only one hand. It is these clocks that gave Brassler his idea to make a watch with only a single hand.

Reflect on the passage of time with Meistersinger

When you decide to step into the world of Meistersinger, you will see that reading time on a one-hand watch is not difficult. You choose to let go of that exact moment, that exact second. That is not so important in life, because time is relative. The time is there to be enjoyed with the right people, the right things, the right watch…