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Luminox watches

Luminox watches

Luminox watches are an essential tool for the world's most highly trained elite troops and can withstand all conditions. Luminox (a combination of the Latin words Lumi = light and Nox = night) became known worldwide when it started producing the Luminox Navy Seals series. Luminox technology (LLT) makes it possible to read the time clearly regardless of the ambient light level, even in complete darkness!


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Easy payments via Apple Pay
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The history of Luminox watches and the LLT light technology

For the past twenty-five years Luminox watches have become part of the personal standard equipment or 'Essential Gear' for many elite, military and law enforcement units. The unique Luminox lighting system guarantees continuous visibility for up to 25 years without pressing a button or needing to expose the watch to a light source. 
In 1989, Barry Cohen, a watch industry veteran, partnered with Richard Timbo to create a unique brand of watches with a self-powered lighting system. Initially, the goal was to create high-performance sports watches with excellent visibility and readability in low- or no-light situations. 
It wasn't until 1993 that the Navy Seals approached the brand to develop a watch especially for them. 
Following the success of the Navy SEALs watches, Luminox was approached in 1999 by the US Air Force F-117 Nighthawk jet fighter pilots for whom Luminox developed a special watch in collaboration with aviation manufacturers Lockheed Martin. 
The range of durable and 'always visible' Luminox watches continued to grow and peaked in 2013, when Luminox developed a line of watches for use in space with input from XCOR Space Expeditions test pilots and astronauts.

Luminox watch series

The Luminox watch collection is divided into three series: land, sea & air.

Luminox Land watches

The analog watches from the Land collection can be used as a simple and efficient navigation tool on the ground, making them the ideal watch for military personnel. The Field Series is a series of day-date, chronograph, alarm and automatic watches with a vintage style and rugged appeal backed by modern functionality.

Luminox Sea watches

In 2009, the Navy SEALs approached Luminox, and the watch developed specifically for this special ops unit was the only model to pass all of their rigorous testing. The resulting collaboration resulted in A.N.U. (Authorized for Navy Use) watches for recent graduates of their training.

Luminox Air watches

Luminox AIR series watches pay tribute to the history of strategic aviation with aircraft-inspired details. The collection includes Air models such as the F-117 Nighthawk and the vintage-inspired P-38 Lightning developed under official and exclusive worldwide license with Lockheed Martin.

Collaboration with Bear Grylls

In addition to working with military and law enforcement agencies and ICE-SAR (Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue), Luminox has worked closely with experts such as counter-terrorism specialist and underwater explorer Scott Cassell, Indy 500 champion Tony Kanaan and survival specialist and TV personality Bear Grylls. These collaborations often result in special or limited edition gift sets in a special airtight and watertight Luminox box with many extra goodies.