Watch straps for brand watches

Popular brands

Our brand watch straps are delivered with a free strap changing tool and - if applicable - standard push pins.

Universal watch straps

Our universal watch straps are delivered with a free strap changing tool and standard push pins.

Universal watch straps for all brands

Morellato offers a universal watch strap collection. The term universal does not suggest that these straps will fit each and every watch. In the first place, your watch should have a "straight strap connection (or lug)." If your watch has this, you can measure the distance between the lugs of the watch to determine the strap size. After this, you can start looking for watch straps of that magnitude.
For watches with a unique lug design the best advice is to buy watch straps from the same watch brand. The pictures below illustrate which types of lugs are suitable for universal watch straps and which are not.


How to change a watch strap

Once you receive your new strap, it is time to install it. First, you need to remove your old watch strap. Using the spring bar tool provided, insert the forked end of your spring bar tool in between the strap and the watch lug. Gently press to the left to make the spring bar pop out. Pull the strap gently downwards to detach it. Repeat on the other side. Next, remove the spring bars from the old strap, and reuse them to install your new strap. To install the new strap, slide the spring bars in the new strap and push them all the way so they are centred. Using your spring bar tool, press one end of the spring bar, so it snaps back into the watch lug. Repeat on the other end of the watch. The image below illustrates this procedure. Changing a watch strap is relatively easy; however it can be tricky sometimes.


Having trouble removing/installing your watch strap?

If you are unable to remove your old watch strap or fasten the new one, you visit one of our stores in Rotterdam or Breda. Our watch specialists are always ready to help you. If you live far away from these cities, we recommend you visit your local jeweller as they will be able to replace your watch strap for just a small fee.