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Watch straps
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Universal watch straps

Universal watch straps are straps that only fit a watch with a 'straight strap mount'. A watch with a straight strap mount can be recognized by the way the strap is mounted on the case (with some space in between).
A universal watch strap can be recognized by the the end of the strap, which is straight. When a watch has a straight strap mount and is suitable for a universal watch strap, the perfect universal watch strap can be found based on the size between the lugs; This is called the lug width.

Universal watch straps in different styles

Are you looking for a leather universal watch strap, or would you rather go for a metal or silicone one? The advantage of a straight strap is that you are not limited to a certain brand, since you can now choose from numerous options. The only thing you need is the correct distance (in millimeters) between the lugs. Universal watch straps come in different sizes. For example, we offer straps with a lug width varying from 8 mm to 30 mm. The variation in material, colour and size ensures that there is a suitable strap for every watch. It couldn't be more easy!

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

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At Compared to branded watch straps, universal straps are often more affordable and can be used on multiple watches. You can buy different straps to upgrade your watch collection in no time, without breaking your budget.