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Emporio Armani Ladies watches

Emporio Armani Ladies watches have a luxurious appearance and feel. A lady with an Emporio Armani watch loves sheer class and style. The elegant sizes of the Emporio Armani ladies watches ensure that the watches are suitable to wear for any occasion. We also have Emporio Armani Men’s watches in the collection. Check out our entire collection of Emporio Armani watches.


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About Emporio Armani ladies watches 


Emporio Armani ladies watches, also known as Armani ladies watches, are luxurious watches for the stylish woman. Minimalistic designs, quality materials, and sparkling details ensure that Emporio Armani ladies watches are a popular accessory for every woman who loves for style and class. 

The basic colours that you will mainly see in this collection are gold, silver and rose gold. This is combined with white, beige, black and brown. These colours ensure that Armani ladies watches will always have a fashionable yet timeless look. 

The philosophy of Giorgio Armani is that a watch is much more than just an accessory. A watch says something about the personality of the wearer.

Our collection of Emporio Armani ladies watches

Our collection of Emporio Armani ladies watches consists of watches in different sizes. There are elegant cocktail watches with a case diameter of 28 mm. The classic Armani ladies watches have a case diameter of 32 mm. The subtle sizes provide an extra touch of femininity.

Our collection of Emporio Armani ladies watches consists of watches with a metal or leather strap. The design is primarily made of round and smooth shapes. Also, there are Armani ladies watches with a rectangular case, yet this is still with flowing lines. Each watch has a luxurious appearance and sparkling details, such as a mother of pearl dial or a dial covered with crystals.

Our collection of Emporio Armani ladies watches consists of the following sub-lines:

Emporio Armani Gianni watches

Emporio Armani Gianni watches are the classic watches from the collection. These watches with a watch case of an average of 32 mm (or 28 mm when Gianni Mini) are a real stylish must have for everyday wear, but they are also suitable to wear to a party.

Emporio Armani Chiara watches 

Emporio Armani Chiara watches have an average case diameter of 28 mm. The strap on these watches is very narrow, 6 to 8 mm. Emporio Armani Chiara watches, therefore, are a subtle accessory with flair.

Emporio Armani watch straps 

Looking for an Emporio Armani watch strap? We have an extensive collection of more than 700 Armani straps to offer. You can find the product number on the back of your watch case. You can then enter this number on the Armani watch straps page. Then in no time at all, you will find the Armani watch strap that best suits your Armani ladies watch.

Armani ladies watches sale

Our watch outlet regularly has new Armani ladies watches in the collection. Keep an eye on this page to find your favourite Emporio Armani ladies watch at a competitive price .

Buy an Armani ladies watch online

You can order your favourite Armani ladies watch simply and securely with us online. Are you looking for a fancy cocktail watch to combine with a beautiful black dress or a classic Armani rose gold ladies watch for your business outfit? Use the search filter to specify your search.