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G-Shock watches

G Shock Master Of G watches

G-Shock Master of G watches are ultra-rugged watches that can overcome even the most intense situations such as water pressure, dirt, temperature differences and G-forces. Innovative technologies, like triple sensor technology, solar and radio-controlled technology make Master of G watches the perfect travel companions. 

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Our G-Shock Master of G Collection

The G-Shock Master of G watches are the workhorses of the Casio collection; they are built to withstand the most extreme circumstances.
They are loved by emergency service professionals, aviators, divers and athletes alike, the Master of G G-Shocks are among the most technologically advanced and sturdiest watches in the world. In the time it has honoured the Casio tradition, the Master of G watch collection contains a professional watch at many different price ranges.

Mudman and Mudmaster series (G-9000, G-9300, GWG-1000)

The G-Shock Mudmaster series is truly invincible! They are built to last and defy the most inhospitable terrain thanks to the digital compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer brought together with the unique Casio Triple Sensor technology. The Mudmaster is not afraid to get his hands dirty: the watch is protected against sand, mud and dirt.

Gulfman and Gulfmaster series (G-1000, GN-1000, GWN-1000)

The G-Shock Gulfmaster is the ultimate naval watch. No sea or choppy waters are too high for the Gulfmaster. With its digital compass, barometer, tide graphs and moonphase, navigating is made easy. Even in the dark, because the Gulfmaster watch LC-display is well lighted and surrounded by a phosphorescent ring.

Gravity Master series (GW-A1100, GW-3000, GW-4000, GA-1100)

Developed in collaboration with the British Royal Airforce pilots, the G-Shock Gravity Master are aviators most trusted companions. Air Force pilots need to be able to trust their instruments, and that is why the Gravity Master is among the most advanced watches in the world. Innovation is Casio G-Shock’s raison d'être applying the best materials, designs and technologies such as radio control, solar power, and Smart Access to their Gravity Master watches

G-Rescue series (GW-7900)

Inspired by the needs of the search and rescue teams the G-rescue features self-adjusting Multi-band atomic timekeeping for extreme accuracy. Powered by a solar power cell the G-rescue will never let you down. Functionalities include moon and tide graphs, shock resistance, 200M water resistance, auto EL backlight, world time and daily alarms. The G-rescue’s buttons are enlarged for easy operability, even in gloves. The watch case is extra protected against shocks by a four-point screw protection.

Rangeman series (GW-9400)

One of the first G-Shock watches to feature the ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) triple sensor technology, the Rangeman is a very versatile watch for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and swimming. But one of the Rangeman’s best features is its affordability. It is an all round watch for a very reasonable price.

Before you order a G-Shock Master of G watch

The G-Shock Master of G range is one of the most comprehensive watch series to have ever been produced by Casio. We advise that you take the following into consideration before you purchase a Master of G watch. Consider the circumstances of where you will wear your Master of G watch – land, air or sea. And the size does matter! Most G-Shocks are fairly large watches and range between 46 and 56 mm in diameter. Because of the use of resin and/ or carbon they remain very lightweight. If you would like anymore information about the watch of your choice, please contact our customer service department or visit one of our stores.