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Three reasons why a watch is the perfect Valentine's gift

Posted 23 January 2024 by Miriam Reading time approximately 2 minutes

Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with the gift of a beautiful watch. A watch is a timeless gift that will last for years and can symbolize significant events.

Traditionally, a watch is given as a gift for special occasions. For example, an anniversary, birthday or other important life event such as a first communion or wedding. It is also a very personal gift and the perfect addition to the recipient's own style.


A watch gift makes it a Valentine's Day you will never forget

A watch gift is a beautiful memory that can strengthen the bond between two people. Especially when the watch has been carefully selected to suit someone's taste and is connected to this special day.

Hugo Boss 1570160 View
▴ Hugo Boss 1570160 View
Cluse Feroce CG11201 Petite
▴ Cluse Feroce CG11201 Petite
Bering Classic 14240-303-GWP
▴ Bering Classic 14240-303-GWP


What makes a watch gift a lasting memory is that it is a utensil that someone looks at and uses every day. This way it becomes a constant reminder of you, the giver. It marks a special moment in the time you have spent together. And because a watch lasts a long time, the accompanying story becomes a precious memory that can be shared with the next generation. A Valentine's Day you will never forget.


A watch is an intimate and romantic gift

A watch is actually a very intimate gift. You wear it close to your skin like a piece of jewelry and you wear it every day. When you give a watch as a gift, you are giving the gift of time - both literally and figuratively -  it symbolizes that you want this person to be and remain present in your life by being able to keep track of time. Every time your Valentine looks at the watch, she or he is subtly reminded of this sweet, romantic gesture.

Tissot T0581093603101 Lovely
▴ Tissot T0581093603101 Lovely
Bulova Classic 98P219 Diamond
▴ Bulova Classic 98P219 Diamond
Esprit ES1L026M0225 Love
▴ Esprit ES1L026M0225 Love


Consider, for example, a watch with genuine diamonds. Or choose a classic, but timelessly romantic design. Or maybe you prefer to express your feelings literally with a romantic heart or a floral print.


A watch is a personal gift

You know your loved one best. A personal gift such as a watch perfectly tailored to his or her style and passions shows that you know the person inside and out.

A watch is not just an everyday and practical object, giving one can be a truly thoughtful experience, when you choose something luxurious and meaningful that will pleasantly surprise your Valentine.

For example, give a nice diving watch to the water sports enthousiast, a dual-time watch to a person who travels a lot or a digital watch with many functions to a gadget freak.

G-Shock G-Squad GBD-200-9ER
▴ G-Shock G-Squad GBD-200-9ER digital sports watch
Certina DS Action C0326071105100
▴ Certina DS Action C0326071105100 diving watch
Swatch SUOZ351 Hokusai & Astrolabe X Swatch
▴ Swatch SUOZ351 Hokusai & Astrolabe X Swatch


Or maybe your loved one has a favourite artist. Then a special edition watch with a beautiful art print might be a good idea. Such a personal gift will certainly be appreciated!'s Valentine's Day tips

To help you find the perfect watch gift, we have created a nice selection of watches for men and watches for women. Gift sets have also been considered. And if you indicate when you order is a Valentine gift, we will giftwrap it for you.