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A diving watch is a watch with a high level of water resistance, allowing it to be worn in deep water. Diving watches usually have a couple of recognizable visual features. They typically have a robust case, a large dial that is easy to read, and the most common characteristic, the rotating bezel, which is used to keep track of the time spent underwater. PLEASE NOTE: Because most diving watches have an attractive design, there are also brands that use the characteristics of diving watches without guaranteeing enough water resistance. Always check what the degree of water resistance is (10ATM for swimming, 20ATM for diving, and 50 ATM or more for deep-sea diving).

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Water resistance

Of course, a diving watch needs to be water-resistant if you intend to use it in the water. There are different levels of water resistance, so consider carefully what you're going to do with your diving watch. Are you only going to use it for swimming? Then 10 ATM is already sufficient. If you want to use your watch for recreational diving, then 20 ATM is the best choice. If you intend to use it for deep-sea diving, it's best to go for a diving watch with a water resistance of 50 ATM or above.


The design of a diving watch is often clearly recognizable. The robust case, the large dial, and, of course, the rotating bezel that is used to keep track of the time spent underwater are all design elements that most diving watches possess. However, this doesn't apply to all diving watches. There are watches with completely different designs that still guarantee a minimum of 20 ATM water resistance and can be used for diving. The most important thing is to keep track of the time underwater in order not to be submerged for too long.


When going deep-sea diving, it's important to consider several factors when choosing your diving watch. The level of water resistance is not the only thing that matters when diving with your diving watch. The material should be able to withstand water pressure and the corrosiveness of seawater. That's why a good diving watch is usually made of stainless steel, carbon, or titanium. The glass should also be suitable for diving. Diving watches often have relatively thick (domed) crystals to increase pressure resistance and improve readability underwater. Lastly, most diving watches have a screw-down crown to prevent water from entering the case.


When you already have your diving watch for quite some time, it important to maintain it properly. Rinse the diving watch thoroughly with fresh water after each use in the sea. This will prevent the salt from the sea from affecting the metal inside your watch. Also, have the watch tested for water resistance every two to five years. Worn-out gaskets may need to be replaced to guarantee water resistance. It would be a shame if water would still have the possibility to drip into the watch and damage the mechanism. 

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