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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Buy watches online at is official dealer of more than 70 watch brands. As watch specialist we sell ladies watches, men's watches and children's watches, as well as watch straps and clocks. If you order on a working day your order will be shipped the same day. The shipment of your order is free for orders over € 50 in the EU. 


Seek and find a watch on

A watch is a very personal accessory. Some consider a watch a piece of jewelry that has to fit perfectly with their outfit and others wear a watch with a specific purpose, for example when exercising. Whatever kind of watch you are looking for, you can easily find it in the shop.

At the top of our site you will find the main menu containing the most important categories: brands, types of watches, ladies watches, men's watches, children's watches and watch straps.

Top 10 watches for men and Top 10 watches for women

Curious what the new and most popular watches are? Then take a look at the Top-10 ladies watches and Top 10 men's watches pages.

Buy brand name watches online is official dealer of more than 70 watch brands. Of course we, as watch specialists, offer all well-known and popular watch brands. From the leading fashion designer brands such as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and Hugo Boss to luxury Swiss Made watch brands such as Maurice Lacroix, and Edox.

Click on ‘Watch Brands’ in the menu for an overview of all watch brands. You can search on the brand name A-Z or on the brand logo.

Of course, our most popular brands are not lacking in this overview! Cluse, G-Shock, Fossil, ICE-Watch, TW Steel and Swatch always surprise us with innovative, fashionable watch collections.

Find a watch for a specific purpose or characteristics

One is looking for a trendy minimalist watch and the other looking for a diving watch. To make the search easier, we have divided our watch collection into clear categories. You can easily find the type of watch or the style you are looking for:

Chronograph watches

Design watches

Diving watches

Extra Large watches

Luxury watches

Pilot watches

Radio controlled watches

Skeleton watches


Sports watches

Titanium watches

Pocket watches

Swiss watches

Types of movement

Buy Quartz Watches from

The vast majority of modern analogue watches with two or three hands contain a quartz movement. This technology - where the vibration frequency of a silicon oxide crystal in combination with current from a battery accurately controls the movement - was already used in clocks and some luxury watches in the sixties, but it was not possible to incorporate it on a large scale until the 1980s. Today, the quartz watch is still the most popular type of watch.

Automatic watches and kinetic watches

Before quartz watches and digital watches became commonplace, almost all timepieces were mechanical. The movement was driven by tensioning a metal spring by winding the watch by hand or by movement (kinetic energy). This type of watch is also called automatic. This technology has also developed over time. Seiko, for example, has an extensive collection of kinetic watches in addition to a series of 'traditional' automatic watches, in which a spring is not wound, but a battery is charged by kinetic energy.

Solar watches

An even more modern way to provide watches with energy is the solar technique. The battery is charged by solar energy or (artificial) light. Several brands have further developed this technique, with the EcoDrive from Citizen and Tough Solar from Casio being the best known.

Radio controlled (atomic) watches and GPS watches

From the creation of timepieces, man has been looking for the most accurate measurement of time. Until recently, the atomic clock was the most accurate, with a deviation of only 1 second per 5 billion years. At various locations in the world, a radio signal is emitted from an atomic clock. Radio-controlled watches automatically synchronize with this signal and are always on time. Also, the watch does not have to be set on time when daylight saving time starts or ends. Pay attention to whether your watch can be used in one or more parts of the world because the radio frequency can differ per continent. Using a watch in other parts of the world means that you will fall back on the quartz accuracy of the watch itself until synchronization can take place again.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is based on the same technology, where the atomic clock is located in several satellites. This system does have a worldwide coverage. Radio controlled - GPS watches can be found in the G-Shock MR-G and Seiko Astron collection.


Smartwatches are designed to offer additional functions (such as mobile apps, caller ID, SMS and social media alerts, weather reports, fitness monitoring, GPS coordinates, etc.) in addition to the regular time display coupled with a smartphone (usually via Bluetooth).

There are different types of smartwatches available, from digital touchscreen watches to analogue watches with smart functions (so-called hybrid smartwatches). On our smartwatch page you will find more information about these special watches.

Find watches by colour

In the types menu you can also search watches by colour. Here you can find all colours. The most popular colour watches have been the same for years: silver watches, gold watches and rose gold watches. But also the basic colors black, white and blue remain as popular as ever.

Find watches by price

Price is an important starting point when looking for a new watch. In the filter menu on the left you can check the budget you want to spend on a watch. We sell watches in all price ranges; From simple digital watches to luxury mechanical Swiss watches.

Looking for a nice but cheap watch? Then take a look at our outlet section. Here you will find discounted watches from well-known brands on sale.

Buy watches online

Ordering a watch online in our webshop is very simple. Add the watch you want to buy to your shopping cart and choose your delivery moment. 

Payment is also very simple via our secure server. You can easily pay for your watch via PayPal or choose from different credit cards.

Outstanding service

Even after you have received your watch, you can always contact for excellent service. Do you not like your purchase 100%? You can return the watch and / or exchange within 30 days. You can also contact our experts with questions about the use of the product, but also for repairs and maintenance. We are happy to help!