Garmin Tactix watches
Garmin Tactix watches

When you own a Garmin Tactix watch, you own an all-round sports watch with a robust (but luxurious) appearance. The watch is primarily focused on tactical functions, including via point projection, night vision mode and the Jumpmaster app. It also includes pre-programmed maps of Europe, so you can easily navigate anywhere. However, the tactical functions are combined with smart functions for fitness training. For example, the wrist heart rate technology integrated on the back of the watch case ensures that your sports performance is accurately tracked. This combination of features ensures that a Garmin Tactix can be worn during both an office job and field work.

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You don't have to worry about damage while wearing your Tactix. The watch case is made of titanium and has a DLC coating, which ensures that the watch is light in weight and at the same time serene solid. So whether you're jumping out of an airplane, running a marathon or enjoying a relaxing bike ride - your watch is the last thing you need to worry about.

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