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Watch case and Top 40 logo's pick

Feast your eyes on this! All of us at have compiled a special selection of our favorite watches into our own Top 40! From the cheap and cheerful to desirable aspirational watches you will find 40 watches divided into 10 sets of four. Our choices are based on both appearance and quality. Get inspired by our team's favorites.

We are very curious to learn which are your favorite watches from our collection, so we’d love to see your pictures on our Facebook page or Instagram!

Trendy retro watches

Trendy and retro in the same sentence seems like a contradiction, but it's true. Retro-style watches and reissues of classic models are immensely popular right now, and these four are among our favourites:

Our favourite dive watches

From the stylish to the professional, our favorite diving watches look just as good on a neoprene suit as with your business attire...

Stylish dress watches for him and her

For any man or woman who values a neat appearance, these stylish dress watches are the accessory that completes the business outfit.

It's all digital 

In the nineteeneighties digital watches revolutionised the watch world and the styles from that era - combined with the latest technology -are still popular today

Time is golden: gorgeous gold toned watches

A gold watch always was and always will be the epitome of luxury and style. at least these four we really like!

To the moon and back moonphase watches

A moonphase is one of the most intricate and most beautiful watch complications. A must-have for any watch afficionado.

Less is more on a minimalist watch

Stripped back to the bare essentials minimalist watches combine a timeless appearance with heaps of style. And yet there are many differences among them so plenty to choose from.

Ready for take-off aviator watches

Whether you choose an aviator watch for its look or its practical applications, you will own a classic men's accessory that never goes out of style. We just love these aviator watches:

Stripped to the bone Skeleton watches

These skeleton watches show all the workings of the beautifully decorated movement. If you love watches like we do, one of these skeleton watches  will surely appeal to you.

Any shape or form

Most watches have a round case, but if you want something else, these watches are a good place to start. Rectangular, square or a completely different shape, we love it.