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Small ladies watches

small ladies watches

Small is beautiful! Like the watches in the small ladies watches collection. Small ladies watches are available in all styles - from classic to sporty - and all colours - gold, silver, two-tone and many more for ladies of all wrist sizes to enjoy. Because the best things come in small packages

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

What size watch is called a small ladies watch? 

Different brands call their products different names, but in general a watch for women is called small at 26 to 29 mm case size. 15-25 mm watches are usually called mini or extra small and 34 mm-38 mm is usually called regular or medium size. 

What is a good size watch for a woman? 

Women's watches are commonly smaller than men's watches. If your wrist is thin (circumference less than 135 mm), a case diameter less than 30 mm is ideal. Slimmer wrists with a circumference of 135-150 mm, can go for a 30-36 mm case, and larger wrists ( > 150 mm) can wear a watch any size larger than 36 mm. 
You can read more information on measuring your wrist size and choosing the correct size watch on our ‘measure wrist size’page.

Are ladies watches getting smaller?

In a move away from the past two decade's trend of large and oversized watches, women's watches are indeed scaling down and returning to the size that was more common for ladies watches up to the nineteennineties. But there are no set rules. It doesn’t matter what size ladies watch you choose, small, medium or large. The important thing is the watch suits you and your style and wears comfortably on your wrist. 

Shop small ladies watches at 

Shop women’s watches of all sizes at You can choose when you want your order delivered at the address of your choosing. You can also have your watch delivered at a pick-up point of your choice.