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Eco-Friendly watches

More and more watches are coming onto the market that are made partly or entirely from natural, recycled or biodegradable materials. On this page we have collected watches that have been produced with sustainability in mind. This way you can make a more sustainable choice. Every step towards a more sustainable watch market counts!

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

At you will find sustainable watches for men and women from well-known brands and made from various renewable and recycled materials. 


Recycled watch 

A widely used material for sustainable watches is plastic, for example made from natural oils such as castor oil and plastic made from recycled PET bottles or ocean plastic. (Stainless) steel is also increasingly being recycled and used in the production of watches. 


Do you want to know more about how to make a sustainable choice when buying a new watch? Then read our blog “I want an environmentally friendly watch. Do they actually exist?"

What is the most sustainable watch? 

The question ‘what is the most sustainable watch?’ is difficult to answer because many factors play a role, such as material use, recyclability, etc. 
A good example is the watch brand Mondaine. Despite the fact that the brand has many environmentally friendly watches in its collection, not all watches from the Mondaine brand are considered sustainable. Nevertheless, all Mondaine watches are produced sustainably and the Mondaine factory has been completely CO2 neutral for a few years now. 
Other brands that lead the way in the use of sustainable materials are SwatchFossil and Citizen


Is a wooden watch sustainable? 

Although wood is a material of natural origin, a wooden watch is not always sustainable. When purchasing a wooden watch, pay attention to how the wood has been grown and extracted and that no tropical hardwood has been used.

Second Chance Watches 

One of the biggest causes of pollution and depletion of natural resources is waste. Wate of food, textiles and also utensils such as watches. If you want to make a more sustainable choice, ask yourself if you can refurbish or repair your old watch. You will be amazed at how good your watch looks after a thorough cleaning or with a new strap! Our watchmakers are at your service with all questions about maintenance and repair. 


Another more sustainable choice is a second chance watch. These are watches that have been returned with a minor defect, such as a damaged box or minor scratches on the bracelet. Shame to throw away! We offer these watches again for a reduced price. 


Buy your environmentally friendly watch online at 

All sustainable watches are shipped with 24 hours. Choose the delivery method when placing your order.