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20 ATM (and higher) water resistant watches

20 bar water resistant watches

20 ATM waterproof watches are suitable for all types of (recreational) diving and water sports. If you want a watch specifically designed for scuba diving, choose a watch with a waterproof rating of 100 ATM. In the latter case, some watches are equipped with a helium valve, which allows the helium to escape from the watch case while decreasing the pressure in the decompression chamber. This prevents the watch from exploding during decompression.
Tip: Always rinse your 20 ATM waterproof watch immediately with fresh, clean water if it has come into contact with salt water and dry it with a towel. In addition, always make sure that, in case of professional diving use, you have your watch tested at least once a year. This way, your 20+ ATM waterproof watch will last the longest and will give you years of pleasure.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Wide range of 20 ATM (and higher) waterproof watches

Are you looking for a 20+ ATM waterproof watch for women or men? Our wide range of watches ensures that there is a good chance that you will find your perfect watch. You can come to us for diving watches from brands like Tissot and Edox. 20 ATM waterproof women's watches are mainly available from the brand G-Shock. An additional advantage of this brand is that the watches are available in different colors and models, so you can still go into the water properly.


Note: leather watch bands are not resistant to water!