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Watch batteries and repairs

If you want maximum enjoyment of your beautiful watch, good maintenance is important.

The certified watchmakers in our repair workshop are here to help you! Visit one of our shops or contact our customer service staff for advice.

Lead time for repairs longer due to public holidays

Please note: many of our suppliers are closed during the December holidays. the lead time for repairs can therefore take up to 3 months.


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Watch batteries

Watch battery life

Watch Batteries will generally - depending on use and (temperature,) circumstances – last between 1 and 2 years.

Quartz watches are powered by a battery. The watches that we receive from the manufacturer are usually equipped with a plastic protector between the watch case and the crown to avoid premature battery  depletion.

When you order a quartz watch with us, we will remove this protection, make sure the watch is running properly and set it on time so you can wear your watch straight from the box!

Replacing the battery in your watch

When the watch stops running because the battery is flat it must be replaced. We advise you to never do this yourself because unauthorized opening of the watch voids the warranty. Moreover, you can damage the case of the watch using improper tools.

To replace your watch battery always go to an official dealer such as a jeweler or department store.

Swatch watch battery replacement

On Swatch watches the battery is located in a separate compartment in the back of the watch case which is sealed with a screw cap. You can simply replace the battery by yourself. You can oder all types of watch batteries on this page.

Battery replacement at our shops

Of course as your watch specialist we can replace your watch battery. Even from watch brands we do not sell (anymore). We have almost all common watch battery types in stock. Come along to one of our shops or contact our Customer Service department.

Prices of battery change

The cost of replacing the battery in a quartz watch ranges from € 15.00 - € 60.00. The price is dependent on the required parts, brand of watch, battery type and labour. A free water resistance test is included. Repairs in response to the water resistance test are excluded. You'll be advised by our shop assistants about the likely cost of the battery change.

Watch repairs

With watch repairs it is important to know whether your watch is under warranty or the warranty has expired. Most watch brands use a 2 year warranty. Some brands (like Rip Curl) use a longer warranty. See the warranty card  and / or booklet that came with the purchase of your watch.

Watch repairs within the warranty period

We send  warranty repairs to the service center of the brand itself. When we receive the watch back, we ensure that it is sent to you.More information about the warranty service is available here.

You have bought the watch at Holland Watch Group

If your watch should be repaired under warranty, we invite you to contact us using the returns page.

You have not bought the watch from us

Of the brands that we sell we are official dealers. Please contact the Customer Service department in case you have a watch of a brand which we sell to handle the repair for you.

Watch repair out of warranty

In case the warranty on your watch is no longer valid, you can go to any watchmaker or official dealer for a repair. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information.

In-house watchmakers

The watchmakers in our repair workshop are happy to help. From minor repairs such as replacing a damaged crystal to the reconditioning of complete watches. Our watchmakers are certified and repair watches of all brands, including Hamilton, Longines, Rado and other brands of the Swatch Group.

If you hand in your watch for repair, our shop assistant will discuss your requirements with you. Your data will be entered into our repair system and you will be given a registration number. You will be automatically informed via e-mail or SMS about the status of the repair and if your watch is ready to be picked up.

What does the repair cost?

When the shop assistant can not directly determine what the cost of the repair will be, Your watch will be taken in for an inspection and quotation. This quote will cost € 15, which is deducted from the final cost of the repair.Repairs projected to cost less than € 50 are (unless otherwise agreed) done directly - without notice beforehand.

You will be automatically informed via e-mail or SMS about the status of the repair and if your watch is ready to be picked up.

How long does a repair take?

Generally, repairs are carried out within 4-7 (working) weeks. In some cases parts have to be ordered from the manufacturer. This may take several weeks. You will automatically (via e-mail or SMS) be informed about the status of your repair.