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Victorinox Swiss Army watches

Victorinox Swiss Army Inox watches

Victorinox INOX watches are a series of super strong watches that are not only practical, but also look very stylish. The first Victorinox INOX models were released in 2014 after a development period of in total seven years, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Victorinox. The INOX watch therefore reflects all the core values ”‹”‹of Victorinox: authentic, robust and reliable under all circumstances. The collection now consists of various models for men and women, including professional diving watches and titanium watches. View our collection here and choose your favorite Victorinox INOX watch.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Form follows function in steel and titanium

In the development of the INOX watch Victorinox has done everything to make the watch as strong and durable as possible. They wanted to make a very technical product that did not look technical and suited every occasion. Form follows function; The watches have been extensively tested, including drop resistance at 10 meters, resistance to torsion and traction, vibration resistance, resistance to temperature shock and 8 ton pressure resistance. A tank can drive over this watch without damaging it! The name INOX is derived from the French word for stainless steel; Acier inoxydable. However, in addition to the usual steel watches, Victorinox Inox titanium watches and watches made of carbon are also available. In addition, new models have been added to the collection, such as the Victorinox INOX Professional Diver and automatic INOX watches.

Unique band made of paracord

In addition to steel, leather, rubber and leather with a wooden top layer straps and bracelets, various INOX models are available with a strap made from braided paracord. Paracord is a strong, water-resistant, lightweight nylon cord that was originally used for parachute suspension lines and by astronauts from the space shuttle repair mission.

A paracord contains seven internal strands, each of which can be split in two. It is super strong and has many applications. For example, the split cord can be used as fishing line, replacement shoelace, sewing thread or to start a fire. This paracord strap is unique to Victorinox and makes the extremely strong INOX watch the ultimate survival tool.