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Seiko watches

Seiko 5 watches

Seiko 5 watches are affordable automatic watches, with a classic-sporty look. The 5 in the name stands for the five functional properties that all Seiko 5 watches have had since 1963: date/day view in 1 window, water resistant, automatic winding, sunken crown and made of durable, water-resistant materials. With a Seiko 5 watch, you will always have a good quality mechanical watch at a very reasonable price.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Features of the Seiko 5 automatic watches

Seiko 5 is one of Seiko's most wanted watch lines. The line has been around since 1963 when Seiko launched the Sportsmatic 5 models and has since then become a fixture in the Seiko watch range. Of the many existing Seiko collections, only the luxury line, Grand Seiko, has a longer tradition than the Seiko 5.

Design principles of Seiko 5

In the sixties of the last century, Seiko set a goal to develop a modern and robust mechanical watch for the younger generation in addition to the quartz watches that were emerging at the time.
To be robust, the watch had to be resistant to water and shock. That is why water resistance became standard for every Seiko 5 watch and at that time only metal bands were used so that the watch was completely resistant to water and sweat.
Shock resistance was created with two Seiko inventions: a spring drive made of an unbreakable alloy and the Diashock system to protect the movement against shocks.
Thanks to the Magic Lever (an invention of Seiko), the winding efficiency of the Seiko 5 is very high and the crown hardly ever needs to be used. That is why the Seiko 5 crown is relatively small and 'tucked away' in the case under the 4 o'clock position. Meanwhile, this crown is one element that is very popular about the look of the classic Seiko 5 automatic, just like the combined day/date window.
Nowadays it is not so special anymore that the day and date can be read from a single window, but when the first Seiko 5 was designed, this was the solution to improve the readability of the dial. The design of this window contributes to the retro feeling that some of the classic models evoke, but is still very functional today.
Because Seiko makes all parts of the movement in-house, the quality control of the production process is perfected and the brand is able to make inventions and constantly renew itself. That's why the Seiko 5 watches have a very good price-quality ratio.

The Seiko 5 collection

The Seiko 5 watch collection consists of different lines:

- Classic Seiko 5 automatic watches
- Seiko 5 ladies watches
- Seiko 5 sports

The classic Seiko 5 automatic watches are modern interpretations of classic watches from the sixties. The 38 mm size is modest and therefore the watches are suitable for both men and women to wear. The appearance is sporty and a tad retro because of the sunburst dials, the elegant, pointy hands (with lumen) and the combined day-date window. Most Seiko 5 watches have a mineral glass case back through which the automatic movement is visible.
There are also Seiko 5 ladies watches available in a smaller size.
The origins of the Seiko 5 watches are the Sportsmatic watches from the '60s. Not surprisingly that sports watches are still featured in the Seiko 5 collection today. These watches can be recognized by the addition 'Sports' under the Seiko 5 logo on the dial. Characteristic of the Seiko 5 sports automatic line are the larger size, high water resistance (10 and 20 ATM), and water and sweat resistant canvas and silicone rubber straps with excellent wearing comfort. In addition, the watches also have specific functionalities such as a diving ring, large lumen and hardened mineral glass.

Buy Seiko 5 watches online

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