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Maserati Traguardo watches

A Maserati Traguardo watch can be recognized by the real enthusiast out of thousands. Typical for watches from this collection is the use of refined and unique materials and the perfect degree of finishing. This is clearly reflected in the skeleton models, where (part of) the movement - the moving parts and bearings - is visible through the dial. A finer finish is hardly desirable. The use of high-quality materials is also evident in the chronographs. If you decide to buy a Maserati Traguardo watch in whatever colour, model or strap type, we know for sure that you will enjoy it for years to come. And don't forget - you will be adding a real eye-catcher to your watch collection!

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Maserati scores with the Traguardo

Traguardo has several meanings. In sports terms it means 'the finish line' and in a figurative sense it translates to 'goal' or 'purpose'. Maserati's goal was to bring a sporty and at the same time elegant watch line into the world and they certainly succeeded in doing so. Thanks to high-quality (stainless-steel) materials and a beautiful interplay of colours, the Traguardo watches possess a bold style. These sophisticated models come in a range of colours and price points. What's your goal today? Take a look at our Traguardo collection! Buy your Maserati Traguardo watch easily online at {{websitename}} {{websitename}} is the online specialist in brand watches, where service and expertise are paramount. Need advice? Our customer service representatives are waiting for your call or email.