Product damaged or defective

Product damaged in transport

Did an item arrive damaged or defective? We apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact the Customer Service Department to report your problem. If you wish to return the product, please follow these instructions.

Upon receiving the returned item, we will take care of replacing your purchase as fast as we can. If it is not possible to replace your item, you will receive a refund for the full amount that was paid for the item in the same form of payment and account, originally used for the purchase.

Please note that we are unable to replace standard plastic boxes that are broken during shipping.

Repair of used product under warranty

In the case of repair under warranty, please put the warranty card together with your broken watch. Repairs under warranty without the warranty card will not be processed.

In the case of repair under warranty, you do not need to return the watch in the original brand packaging. Holland Watch Group cannot guarantee you will receive the same box in return. Please make sure you pack the watch carefully, for example in bubble wrap.

Please follow these instructions for returning a product