Swatch Floralia watches

Swatch Floralia watches

Floralia is one of the most colourful collections from Swatch. And this collection is not called eccentric for just anything. These watches have been individually brightened by the most gorgeous and unique flowers. Tropical flora to the simple, yet beautiful daisies. You will always want more flowers with these Swatch watches.

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About Swatch Florialia watches

Swatch is blooming with the Floralia collection. Different models are ready to be picked. They are available at a competitive price, for just £50 you can be in possession of such a cheerful Swatch. Almost all of these watches have silicone straps, which allows for maximum comfort. Suitable for everyday use and are extra nice to wear in the spring and summer!

Our collection of Swatch Floralia watches

Our collection of Floralia Swatch watches consists of fourteen watches, each with their own character. The collection offers watches for both women and men. Besides the colourful flower watches, there is also a line of good-luck watches. Fun to give to someone as a gift when you want to wish him or her good luck, or it is good to wear when you could use a little good luck.

Swatch - I always want more luck series

Happiness is a fundamental element in life. Swatch also agrees, and they show it with the I always want more luck watches. Flowerful, Eight For Luck, Exceptional, Horseshoe and Choupette are bringing happiness to you through various lucky symbols, like a four-leaf clover.

Swatch watch Flowerful

This pink watch smiles at you! The cheerful coloured movement is visible through the transparent dial. The green dial and buckle match the four-leaf clover on the dial.

Swatch Eight For Luck For watch

In many Western countries, the number seven is considered as a lucky number, but in China, the lucky number is eight. This number is displayed on the dial of this red and gold watch.

Swatch Exceptionnel watch

The dial of this minimalistic white watch is an eye catcher because of the green clover. The clover extends to the watch strap. The encouraging words "good luck" gives you an extra boost.

Swatch Horseshoe watch

A horseshoe hanging above the door brings good luck, but the open side should always be facing upwards, otherwise ‘the luck’ runs out of it. The horseshoe is ideally placed in this Swatch watch. Nautical blue blends very well with the white colour of the watch and the red colour of the hands.

Swatch Choupette watch

As green as grass with a ladybug on the dial this watch has a summery look. The red buckle and the tab add extra colour details.

Swatch - I always want more Flowers series

The colour palette of the I always want more Flowers watches is infinite. The Flowerful watch is extremely colourful. The Flower Bumble and Golden Goalkeeper have unique watch straps which are more like a bracelet with a watch in it. The striking silver dial of the Jardin Fleuri and Botanical Bomb watches are the real eye-catchers from this collection.
The watch strap of the Flower Jungle shows two bees. They both fly towards the beautiful flower on the dial. The exterior of the watch is beige, but the inside of the band is green. It provides an extra playful effect.
Does he love me or does he not? The Pick Me Watch will seek it out for you. The watch is studded with a sea of picked daisies.
Fiorella has a super romantic and elegant floral print while Jacaranda is for the cleaner more stylised flowers. The contrast between soft pink and green on a white background brings the sun into your home.

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