Swatch Es War Einmal watches

Swatch Es War Einmal watches

The watch collection ‘Es war Einmal' or 'Once upon a time', takes you to an entirely new world where fairy tales really do come true. These watches are inspired by all sorts of mythical creatures and characters from the wonderful land of magic, such as the story of Alice in Wonderland. Do you want to follow the white rabbit into Wonderland?

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About Swatch Es war Einmal collection

The watches from this collection are based on magical characters from Alice in Wonderland, but also on Pinocchio, Batman and Dracula. The ‘Es war Einmal' collection will bring the magic to your wrist! Ignore your daily routines and fall into the magical world of fairy tales.

Our Swatch Es war Einmal collection

Our Swatch Es War Einmal collection consists of both ladies and men's watches. Each watch has its own character.

Alice in Wonderland

Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland, but for those who think: "How does this story go again?' Well, here's just a little summary. The unsuspecting Alice sees a white rabbit passing by which happens to talk; she then follows the rabbit into a rabbit hole. She falls into it and then finds herself in Wonderland. There she meets some special characters, like the Chesire Cat, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter. The end of this story we shall not give away, instead read the book or watch one of the many versions of the film.

Swatch Wonder Queen watch

This watch is inspired by one of the most famous characters from Alice in Wonderland: the Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts reigns over Wonderland. With her army which are similar to playing cards, she wants everything to fit into her regime. The ace of spades symbol from this army is displayed on the watch strap.
Another beautiful detail on this watch is that the Queen of Hearts has a golden crown, which the crown on this watch is also gold. This is strictly only for people who think they can tame the queen!

Swatch Cat Me Up watch

The Cheshire Cat is perhaps one of the best-known figures in this story but certainly is not the sweetest. With his broad smile, he appears everywhere and nowhere in Wonderland. He tries very hard to make it as difficult as possible for Alice to find her way out of Wonderland. The purple-pink striped strap fits extremely well with the cat's mint green eyes on the dial. You can also see part of the movement through his mouth. Wear this watch with caution and do not be fooled by its mysterious quadruped.

Swatch Double Me Watch

You are about to experience double vision with this watch. It is inspired by the famous Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, which are inseparable. With the contrast of black, red and white it gives this watch a sleek graphical look. If you look carefully, you will see a red heart on the white passer (the tab that holds the strap in place) of the watch strap. A true connoisseur knows to which it refers! Enjoy double the fun with this Swatch!
In addition to Alice in Wonderland characters the Swatch ‘Es war Einmal' collection also includes watches inspired by other characters such as:

Swatch watch Flaggermus

Tatatatatatatata BATMAN! This superhero inspires the Flaggermus watch. With the colours black and yellow, and the printing of bat ears on the strap it creates a tribute to this character. Flaggermus returns to Gotham City and becomes stronger than ever!

Swatch Dra-Cool Watch

Fortunately, this watch can withstand sunlight, but it will take you straight away into the darkness. Inspired by the most famous vampire in the world: Count Dracula. The dial reveals his sharp teeth and the second hand has a suspicious red colour that resembles blood. Be sure that you have enough garlic in your home when you are wearing this watch.

Naso Lungo Swatch watch

When you wear this watch, it’s wise not to lie. Inspired by the world famous wooden Pinocchio. His nose is one of the hands on the watch. On the strap, you will see that Pinocchio is still stuck to one of his puppet strings. Will he ever become a real boy? The ribbed inside of the silicone strap provides extra comfort.  

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Do you have the heart of a true believer? Then purchase a watch with your favourite fairy tale character on it!