Hybrid smartwatch

Hybrid smartwatches

A hybrid smartwatch is a combination of an analog watch with hands and a smartwatch. Contrary to a display or touchscreen smartwatch, a hybrid smartwatch has a normal dial. The watch usually looks just as nice as a normal, non-smart watch. By linking the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth you have access to the smart functions of the watch.

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What is hybrid?

One of the definitions of hybrid in the dictionary is "A combination of two or more techniques: for example analog and digital or mechanical and electrical." In this case it is the combination of an analog time display with smart functions such as a step counter.


What can a hybrid smartwatch do?

The most attractive aspect of a hybrid smartwatch is that the watch manufacturer does not have to subordinate the form to the function. Something that is often needed with a display smartwatch. Moreover, display / touchscreen smartwatches are often a lot thicker and bigger. Your hybrid looks just as hip, chic or sporty as the regular watches of the brand, but secretly does have many more functions.

With a hybrid smartwatch technology is hidden under the 'normal' dial. For example, a sleep monitor, which records how long you have slept on the basis of movements. The pedometer measures distances and calories consumed. You can set a target in the corresponding app on your smartphone, for example five thousand steps per day. A wiser keeps track of how much percent you have achieved from that goal.

By a vibration, light or staggered hands your watch shows that you are being called or have received a message. Useful when your phone is in your bag, for example.

Sometimes there are other functions on the watch such as a 'phone finder' or a button that lets you control the camera or music on your phone.

What is also useful about a hybrid smartwatch is that it always runs on time and resists itself from summer to winter time and vice versa, because the watch synchronizes every time it is connected to the smartphone.


Technical aspects


In the app associated with your watch on your phone, you can view comprehensive reports of all the data that your watch has collected. Most watch manufacturers regularly update these apps so you always have the latest version and your watch does not get out of date too quickly.


In a hybrid smartwatch is usually a regular, non-rechargeable button cell battery, which you have to replace once every few months. This is more common than with the battery of an ordinary watch (on average once every two years), but a display smartwatch you have to charge every day. Always switch to a jeweler or watchmaker before changing the battery.


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