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Renard Mens watches

If you are looking for a classic men's watch with a modern twist, then you have found the right brand in Renard. Inspired by watch designs from the sixties and seventies, Renard has put together a collection of watches for men that you can wear with pride! From sleek minimalist watches to classic chronographs. Choose the watch that suits you.

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Typical Renard

In addition to the logo built from simple lines representing a fox’s head and the vertically brushed dial, Renard men's watches also have a slightly curved crystal. This is a typical retro element that dates back to the middle of the last century. Thanks to the curve of the glass, the minimal and clearly designed dial is slightly enlarged and even easier to read. The fox logo returns on the crown of the watch. Of course, Renard also takes into account the natural environment of the fox and the company considers sustainability to be of paramount importance. For example the leather for the straps is tanned with a plant based bio-degradable substance.

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Order before 5 pm with DHL-Express and your watch will be delivered the next business day! You can also have your watch delivered at a pick-up point of your choosing.