Prisma watches

Prisma watches

The first Prisma watch was made in 1948. Since then the brand has become one of the most famous Dutch watch brands. Especially the older generations can still remember when they got their first Prisma watch. Prisma watches have moved with the times, without losing eye for the achievements from the past, resulting in quality at an affordable price.

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History of Prisma watches

In 1948, the story of Prisma watches begins . The name "Prisma” was the result of a naming competition organized by the wholesalers.

The goal of the brand was to bring watches to the market of  high quality and elegance at an affordable price. Prisma was also one of the earliest watch brands in the Netherlands featuring a quartz movement. This innovation made Prisma watches very accurate for the era. Today Prisma is sold internationally, but remains one of the largest brands on their home turf the Netherlands.

Prisma watches

Prisma is more than just a watch that shows the time. It is all about  the story behind the watch and good design. This is Prima’s  passion and a design philosophy rooted in Dutch culture. The values ​​are therefore: simple, honest and trustworthy.

Prisma is Netherlands and the Netherlands is Prisma. As diverse as the Dutch population so varied is the range of watches. There are classic models, business dress watches and daily wear. Even fashion lovers are catered for! Prisma watches complete your outfit and reflect your personality and mood.

Life can be so hectic. Everything goes faster and time is money. This is nonsense according to Prisma. They want to inspire people to make the most of every moment. Prisma’s motto is:  "Enjoy the little things and invest in relationships."

Our Prisma watch collection

Our Prisma collection consists of both women's watches, and men’s watches. Prisma watches are made from the finest materials, such as stainless steel and titanium and some models feature a sapphire crystals. The leather watch straps are hypoallergenic and top quality.

Buy Prisma watches online

Our collection Prism watches consists of over 80 different models. Do you wish to refine your search? At the top of this page you can filter by colour, material and price range. Or have a look at our Watch Finder. official dealer Prisma watches is an official dealer of Prisma watches, therefore it only sells the original Prisma watches, with full warranty from the watch brand itself. All Prisma watches on are in stock. The watch that you placed an order on will be shipped on work days.