Picto watches

Picto watches

Minimalist design in its purest form. The Picto clock was created in 1984 by the Danish designers Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen. The idea was to minimise the forms on the dial so they came up with a system of rotating discs instead of hands. On the hour disc, the dot shows the hours and on the other disc, a thick stripe shows the minutes. This combined is a picture of the time, thus Picto...
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A revolutionary design in watches and clocks

The Christensen/Andersen design that stunned the world in the nineteen eighties is widely recognised as a revolutionary new way of looking at the time.

The Picto clock with its minimalist design and unique rotating disc mechanism is so particular it has earned a place in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

The Picto clock has been adapted into a wristwatch and is nowadays available in a variety of colours and sizes.

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