What is a Skeleton watch?

In a Skeleton watch – also known as squelette – the mechanism, which is usually hidden in the watch case, is entirely or partially visible. This type of movement has existed since the 18th century and is still being made today, both in a classical and modern style.

A real skeleton watch is usually a mechanical watch, of which all moving parts are visible because the front of the watch does not have a dial, and the back is transparent. There are also watches that contain a (small) window in the dial, so that part of the watch movement is visible. Often this showcases a unique feature such as a tourbillion.

hamilton-skelet (1)davis-skelet

Beautifully processed skeleton clock

Real “skeletonisation” involves cutting off non-essential metal parts of the mechanism, leaving only a functional, bare skeleton of the movement. Often the remaining parts are polished and decorated with elegant engravings. Each technique requires the use of special tools and skills that have an ancient tradition. With a skeleton watch, you really own a unique piece of art.

Usually, these skeleton watches are automatic or hand-winders, but there are also quartz skeleton watches. This means skeleton watches are available at any budget.








Traditional or Modern

Because Skeleton watches have existed for so long and are made according to proven methods, the designs are often classic and fashionable. But nowadays modern (quartz) watches are also being offered in a transparent version.

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