Trend Watches: Retro style watches for men and women

With all the publicity surrounding smartwatches and wearables, it sometimes seems like no ‘standard’ watches are being worn anymore. Nothing is less true. One of the main trends in the world of watches is that many watch brands are going back to the style of the sixties, fifties and even the forties from the last century! All are equipped with the latest movements and technologies, of course.

Vintage is hot!

People who only think of dusty thrift shops when they hear the word vintage is wrong. Vintage is hot and happening! So hot there are fashion brands that have specialised in vintage style. There are also watch brands that are inspired by vintage and retro styles. The Fossil brand is a prime example. By the clever use of materials and styles inspired by American popular culture of the past 60 years, Fossil knows how to make very fashionable and sought after watches!


From left to right: Original boyfriend, Jake, Townsmen watches by Fossil

Retro-style watch brands

Besides watch brands that are inspired by vintage culture, some brands focus entirely on making watches in the style of the forties to seventies. For example, the British brand Henry London whose entire collection is based on a vintage watch bought on Portobello Road market. But also the posh Dutch watch brand Renard creates classic watches with a modern twist.
Also, there are watch brands that since the establishment (often in the early twentieth century) stay true to the designs that the brand started out with. A good example is the famous Junkers pilot’s watch and their extensive line of Bauhaus design watches. But also design company Jacob Jensen still produces the watch series created by its founder such as the Icon, Classic and Arc.






From left to right: Henry London, Junkers, Jacob Jensen

Re-makes and re-issues of classic watches

Different brands are redesigning old successes or even re-release a whole range of traditional models. Festina, for example, has re-released a series of watches from 1948. The model is available in different colours and for both men (36 mm) and women (29 and 20 mm). Watches with a classic stretch band can also be found in this collection. Swiss brands like Philip Watch and Edox have released an exclusive line of re-issues for lovers of vintage models. The advantage of re-issues being you can wear a classic watch but with a modern movement; All the benefits of the modern era in retro style.
But how about modern classics? What do you think of digital Casio watches from the seventies and eighties?


From left to right: Festina, Edox, Casio classic

Excellent choice in retro style watches

Retro-style is the trend for 2017, judging by the latest watch collections coming in. Hot off the press: even XXL brand Kyboe! Are soon to release a New Classic series watches (sized a modest 40 mm) which are modern with a nod to old times. And even TW Steel is showing a classical twist in their new Volante watch collection which is a lot less bold than we are accustomed to with this brand.

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