Kyboe Giant 55mm watches

Kyboe Giant 55mm watches

KYBOE! is a Dutch lifestyle brand known for its colourful designs. The unique style, variety of models and colours make Kyboe the brand for lovers of Extra Large (55 and 48 mm) Watches. All Kyboe watches are water resistant starting from 10 ATM. Kyboe! Watches are available in many different colours and are therefore loved by both women and men.

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Our Kyboe watch collection

Our Kyboe! Watch collection consists of three different series: Metal, Navy and Chrono Port, available from around £175.

Kyboe! Metal watches

The Metal series Kyboe! Watches includes a series of steel chronographs with a diameter of 48 mm. All of the chronographs are 10 ATM water resistant which has a corresponding screw down crown and case back. An adjustable folding clasp makes it easy to put the watch on.

Kyboe! Navy watches

The Kyboe! Navy series is the largest and most popular of the collection and contains 'normal' dive watches as well as dive chronographs. This series is available in different sizes (48 and 55 mm) and a wide variety of colours; from pastel green to dark blue. The watch case is made from stainless steel and is available in different colours: silver, gold and rose gold. The easy to shorten (and switch) straps are made from comfortable silicone rubber and feature a rim of metal decorations in the middle of the band. Kyboe! Navy watches are most sought after by women.

Kyboe! Port Chrono watches

The Kyboe! Port Chronograph watches have a special octagonal shaped case (55 mm diameter) which is additionally decorated with screws. The chronographs have a deep dial in a 16 mm case. The glass is fitted with a so-called date bubble (magnifying glass) so the date is always visible. On the stainless steel case, which is available in silver, gold and rose gold is a black silicone rubber strap with buckle clasp is mounted.
The Port Chrono watches have a screw down crown and case back.