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Definition of Karlism: a modern style which contains graphic symbols in an elegant way. World famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has created fashion for almost every Parisian brand, also created a watch collection with a touch of Karlism. This unique collection finds her way in using edgy but elegant materials like leather and stainless steel. These materials give the watches a casual chic image. The cases are edited with graphic elements, mostly studs. The dials are composed with contrasting colours, which make these Karl Lagerfeld watches the ultimate definition of Karlism.

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Karl Lagerfeld Watches

Karl Lagerfeld watches are a trophy for every woman who loves eccentric and luxury designs. This collection contains must have watches that add a little glamour to each outfit. You can choose between elegant watches, edgy leather watches and stylish sportive watches. The characteristics of a Karl Lagerfeld watch is an intricate and luxurious design, which you mainly see in the case and materials of the watch. 

Karl Lagerfeld watches online

With a choice of more than thirteen Karl Lagerfeld watches, we are sure you will find a watch that matches your favourite outfit. Use the search filters to select the watch that adequately suits your style.

Our Karl Lagerfeld collection

Most Karl Lagerfeld watch lines are available in different sizes and designs. Some of the regular Karl Lagerfeld watch series are:

Karl Lagerfeld Aurelie watches

The Karl Lagerfeld Aurelie watch series has an abstract dial with a diameter of just 34 mm. These watches are minimalistic. Nevertheless, they are luxurious because of the used colours and materials. Karl Lagerfeld Aurelie watches are available in three different colours; black, gold and silver. This collection surprises, because of the contrasting colour used in the dial.  

Karl Lagerfeld Optik Chrono watches

This Karl Lagerfeld Optik Chrono watch series is edgy but elegant. This part of the collection uses the famous studs in the case of the watch. This case is made of stainless steel and has an average diameter of 34 mm. This watch is available in colours such as black, gold, rose gold and silver, with a metal or leather strap. 

Karl Lagerfeld Janelle watches

These Karl Lagerfeld Janelle watches are elegant and sophisticated. The slim strap fits perfectly on the watch case, which has a diameter of 30 mm. The design of this series represented the graphic symbols like the studs, for example in the leather band or in the case of the watch. The colour contrast in the dial gives a surprising effect and a little touch of Karlism. Karl Lagerfeld Janelle watches are available in different colours: silver, gold and rose gold. 

Karl Lagerfeld Joleigh watches

These Karl Lagerfeld Joleigh watches are edgy, sportive and elegant. The case of the watch has a diameter of 33 mm and is lightly edited with amazing studs. The minimalistic dial only has two numbers added; six and twelve. This part of the collection is funky and elegant at the same time.