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Jaguar Watches

Let's make it very clear right away: The Swiss watch brand Jaguar has nothing at all to do with the UK car brand...
The watch brand is even older than the car brand itself; it was established in 1938 by Peter Haas.
With using the name Jaguar, he wanted to bring the emotion of looking at a Jaguar over to the bearer of his watches. The seemingly effortless power, agility, and elegance of the Jaguar makes this animal the Queen of the Savannah. 

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Jaguar watches

Viewing a Jaguar in action will make you feel humble. Peter Haas has incorporated this feeling into his watches. He created watches with feline elegance and style, and but of course a sporty pedigree.
This, strangely enough, brings the Jaguar car owner closer again to the watch brand. They both like the same aspects which are beauty, style, and sports. 
Jaguar watches are still being produced in Switzerland today. The factory is located at Herbetswil in Solothurn Canton.
The watch designers of Jaguar aim to make watches in an affordable way. The price range of Jaguar watches is between £250.00 - £600.00, which is a very reasonable price when you put the other Swiss brands into consideration.
Most of the watches are quartz, but some are automatic. Due to the sporty character of these watches, many of them have a chronograph feature.
The Jaguar collection consists of four main lines:
Special Collection
Prêt à Porter
Claire De Lune