Hygge watches

Hygge watches

Hygge is the Danish word for fun, a lifestyle where cosiness, warmness, and kindness are very much valued. In 2009, the Japanese company P.O.S. Co Ltd started collaborations with gifted designers to develop watches that would fit with the Hygge culture. A culture where the “hygge” feelings are part of the design and become part of the owner’s identity. The brand Hygge is a combination of the Japanese Zen culture and the minimalist Scandinavian design., Hygge is a continuous symbol of both cultures by creating outstanding timepieces with exciting designs.
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Hygge currently has two artists that are creating designs.

Mats Lönngren

Mats is a Finnish designer that prefers to take a holistic look at the products before he starts to design it. It is also how he designed the Hygge watches. He focused on the main functional elements which are the time display, and all the other details were defined to enhance the time visibility.

Major W.M. Tse

Major is a Hong Kong-born British designer that has a renowned name in the design world. He’s a huge fan of minimalism. All things on earth should not be more than they need to be. My creations should just quietly be there and be valued for the minimum attention they ask.

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