G Shock Classic watches

G Shock Classic watches

G-Shock is one of the most stylish watch brands of today with its distinct group of G-Shock adepts. G-Shock is the perfect fashion accessory and contains features such as a led light, shock resistance, world timer, stopwatch function, second-time-zone, water resistance, automatic calendar and much more. The G-Shock Classic collection contains both the classic G-Shocks and their modern interpretations in fashionable colours and materials. 

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Our G-Shock Classic collection

The G-Shock Classic Style collection contains all the classics and the latest fashion trends. Traditionally Unisex, Sizes range from 40 mm to over 50 mm. The traditional models can be separated into roughly eight types which are described below.

Classic/Vintage square G-Shocks (DW and GW series)

Based on the classic Casio watches from the nineteen seventies and eighties, these G-Shocks have a vintage square look with a modern digital quartz movement and diversity in functions. Some of these – smaller sized - watches are even radio-controlled!

Classic Digital G-Shocks (GD series)

Casio is famed for their digital watches, and these classic digital G-Shock watches are the staple of their collection. Available in many different colours and prints including camouflage print, and shades of (rose) gold. The GD-series also includes models with metal guards over the watch case making them extra well protected against scratches and extremely popular among skateboarders.

Classic Analog-Digital G-Shocks (GA-series)

The mother of all G-Shock watches and the main part of the G-Shock Classic Style collection is the famous Analog-Digital combined G-Shock watch. The best of both worlds, with its many functionalities making it the perfect watch for anyone who loves a sturdy, durable watch with a fashionable look. The Classic ana-digi G-Shocks are available in all matt and gloss colours of the rainbow and modern prints such as denim, camouflage, slashes, marble, gold and even rose gold.

Bluetooth G-Shocks (GBA series)

The G-Shocks from the GBA series is a regular classic analog-digital G-Shock with an extra Bluetooth smartphone link functionality. Remotely connect your watch to your phone and control your music player from your wrist. Or control the (time) settings on your watch from your phone ensuring a daily update of your local time and location settings.

G-Shock Rotary switch (GA-400 series)

The G-Shock watches with a Rotary Switch are incredibly easy to operate. By turning the crown, you can switch between modes, fast forward or reverse operations. You can also shift the hands in case they block the view of any of the digital displays.

'Small‘ analog-digital G-Shocks (AW and AWG series)

G-Shocks are of course a chunky type of watch, but this series is relatively small at 46 mm, but it still has the same functionalities and shock resistance as its larger brothers and sisters. Some models are even radio-controlled.

G-Shock G-Lide extreme sports watches (GLS series)

The G-Lide series of extreme sports watches do not only look extreme with the boldly coloured straps and iridescent case covers, but they are also highly functional digital G-Shock watches especially for surfers such as Tide Graph and Moon Phase.

Before you order a G-Shock

This is just a quick overview of our G-Shock Classic collection. Listing all the different functionalities is impossible. Before you order a G-Shock, make sure to check the product specs of the watch. Are you having difficulty choosing? You can contact our customer service department or visit one of our shops for further assistance.

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