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The Donna Karan New York (DKNY) label was founded by the fashion designer Donna Karan in 1984. Her mission was to create 'Modern clothing and accessories for modern people'. The energy of New York's 24/7 city life is one of her biggest influences, inspiring all her clothing and accessory lines that can be combined and interchanged for every occasion. They are suitable for the office, a leisurely stroll with the dog or a glamorous party, a DKNY ladies watch is an affordable luxury for modern women.
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DKNY Ladies Watches

Since a day in the life of a contemporary woman can sometimes be unpredictable, DKNY watches are designed to be perfectly suited to wear in any situation: DKNY ladies watches are both classic and edgy with an added touch of glamour. Do you have a dinner planned? Then choose a sophisticated watch with crystals or a DKNY bracelet watch. Or are you more of a fan for a ladies chronograph with a steel bracelet? DKNY offers must-haves for every woman.

Our DKNY Ladies Watch Collection

The city that never sleeps is omnipresent in the DKNY watch collection. The watch lines are named and often styled after famous New York areas, landmarks and buildings. A couple of these for example are:

DKNY Stanhope Watches

The famous Stanhope hotel was the inspiration for this series of ladies watches. The characteristic awnings and windows are translated into its gentle curves and are polished to perfection.

DKNY Parsons Watches

The Parsons School of Design has remained one of the greatest leading art schools in the USA since 1896. Donna Karan herself is a Parsons Alumni as well some of the other world famous fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Anna Sui, Alexander Wang and much more. The sleek Parsons watches reflect a stark design aesthetic which allows these watches to be combined with any jewellery or fashion accessories.

DKNY Parkslope Watches

The beautiful Parkslope watches are named after the Park Slope neighbourhood in north-west Brooklyn.  It is considered one of New York City's most sought-after areas and is now one of the most famous watch series by Donna Karan.

DKNY Reade Watches

Reade Street is situated in one of New York’s most upscale areas TriBeCa. The famous buildings and lofts in this area are the inspiration for these modern looking ladies watches.

DKNY Crosswalk Watches

For anyone who has ever visited New York will remember the busy streets of Manhattan with its many intersections and crosswalks. The crisscross bracelet on these watches is a playful accent in creating a watch which is a piece of jewellery in its right.

DKNY Chambers Watches

The Chambers series of ladies watches are luxurious and contemporary. The chain link bracelet adds a robust element to this graceful watch series.


SoHo is a gentrified neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan that houses many artists and popular boutiques. Walk down the cobble-stoned streets to find your favourite hangout wearing your stylish, yet timeless DKNY Soho watch.

DKNY Broadway Watches

The show must go on in New York´s famous theatre district! The DKNY Broadway watches are glamorous but also very efficient with ceramic bracelets and bezels that twinkle like the stars and are scratch resistant at the same time!

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