Breil watches

Breil watches

Breil watches have been produced since 1939. But Breil watches were not available in the Northern European countries for a long time. This caused us to miss out on the initial hype of the rubber "Hip Hop" watches in 1984. But in Italy Breil sold more than 1 million of these watches. It was only with the launch of the ad campaign "Don't touch my Breil", that the Italian brand got its foothold in Northern Europe. With modern and very high-quality fashionable ladies and men's watches Breil, like a real Italian, knows how to capture the hearts of the Northerners.
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Breil watches – Italian elegance and design

It is not known to many people that the company Breil was founded over a hundred years ago. The success of Breil began when an Italian watch enthusiast named Innocente Binda opened a watch shop in a small town near Milan. Due to the great success, Binda decided to move the shop to Milan, the European capital of fashion and design. A smart move, because nowadays Breil belongs to the Binda Group: Italy’s largest watch and jewellery manufacturer.

In 1994, Breil introduced its first ‘Manta’ watch: men’s watch for women. With this watch, Breil wanted to make it clear that men and women are equal. A modern version of the famous ‘Manta’ watch is still available for both males and females.

In recent years, the line between masculinity and femininity is becoming more visible in Breil’s watch collection. Although there are still unisex watches included in the collection, we also see quite elegant and sophisticated watches versus bold, large watches. Whichever you prefer, all of the Breil watches have a refined, luxurious appearance and are made from the finest materials. official dealer Breil watches is an official dealer of Breil watches, therefore it only sells the original Breil watches, with full warranty from the watch brand itself. All Breil watches on are in stock. The watch that you placed an order on will be shipped on work days.