Watch strap adjustment

When you buy a new watch, you obviously want it to fit perfectly. This may in some cases mean that your watch strap has to be shortened, which is mainly the case with bracelet watch strap. For this type of strap we have a free adjustment service. The adjustment of your strap is done in our workplace and is part of the purchase process. Because your watch strap is adjusted immediately upon purchase you can wear your watch straight away, fitting perfectly. In addition, we will also include the leftover links with the watch.

How do you know if your watch strap needs to be shortened?

You can find out whether or not your watch strap needs to be shortened, by measuring your wrist size. This way you know exactly what size you actually need. By then indicating the correct size in inches on the product page, your new watch will be delivered in exactly the right size. If your watch strap is shortened, but the watch does not meet your expectations, it can be exchanged or returned at any time.


Watch strap adjustment

How to adjust your Milanese watch strap

Adjusting a Milanese watch strap works differently than the adjustment of a 'normal' strap. If you own this type of strap and would like to shorten it, please watch the video below for instructions. You can easily do this yourself!

Extension of your watch strap

In case your wrist size is larger than the standard size, your bracelet watch strap can be extended. In this case we can order additional links from the manufacturer. Should it be that your wrist size is not listed on the product page at all, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you.