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Adidas Men watches

Adidas men’s watches are sporty accessories for any man with an active lifestyle or just a love for watches with a sporty look. Many Adidas men’s watches have special features to support the wearer in athletic performance, such as a pedometer, a lap timer and calorie counter. Other Adidas men’s watches are sporty and casual accessories to wear every day. Adidas also has an extensive ladies' watch collection.

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About Adidas men’s watches

Characteristic of Adidas men’s watches is the sporty look, whether these watches are designed to support sports activities or a casual look for every day.

The Adidas men's watch collection has been divided into three different sub-collections:

Adidas Performance watches 

The Adidas men's watches from this collection have different features such as an accelerometer, so you can see how fast you run.

Adidas Fashion Sports Watches

Adidas men's watches from this sub-collection are intended as a sporty and fashionable accessory.

Adidas Digital Sports Watches 

The watches of this collection are the digital sports chronographs from Adidas.

Our collection of Adidas men’s watches 

Our collection of Adidas men’s watches consists of over sixty different models. Prices range from £49 to £139. 

Adidas men's watches with a leather strap are most suitable to wear every day, but Adidas men's watches with a silicone band are also very suitable for sporting activities. This ensures a higher wearing comfort and a silicone band may be better against water and perspiration. Most Adidas men’s watches are 5 ATM or 10 ATM water resistant.

Adidas watch sale 

Adidas men’s watches are regularly available in our watch outlet. Keep an eye on this page to follow the latest deals of Adidas men's watches.

Buy Adidas men's watches online 

Order an Adidas men's watch online with us. Do you need a watch for running or will you choose a sporty everyday look? Choose from the extensive collection of Adidas watches. We also have a broad range of Adidas ladies watches.